Chips and chocolate?

Happy humpday friends! 🙂

Lucy Dog and I are currently at Nurse Mom’s house ‘holdng down the fort’ haha. 

Always a diva…

I have been getting some mild ear pain today as a result of the surgery, which has actually been worse than any throat soreness thus far?  Eh, nothing a little pain medicine won’t take care of for now….

For brekkie this morning I whipped up some more “iced oat bran” – strawberry naner style 🙂

If you friends remember, I’m not the biggest fan of straw-ban flavored yogurts, etc. but the natural blend of flavors I am more than okay with.  Such a food snob 😉

  • 1/3 cup oat bran
  • 2/3 cup plain almond milk
  • 2/3 cup H20
  • 1/2 banana, mushed (mix-in) & sliced (top)
  • sliced frozen strawberries
  • 1/2 tblsp peanut butter
  • 1/2 tblsp coconut oil
  • drizzle coconut milk kefir (shocking, I know?)

I think I hold the record for longest oat eating adventure in history haha, this lil’ doozie took me a solid 45 minutes to finish (thank you Mr. Throat) but I definitely get an ‘E’ for Effort!

So nice to get something besides fruit slush up in my system – no hatin’ on smoothies here – but a change up was graciously welcomed 🙂

Once lunch time rolled around I decided it was time to ‘graduate’ to soup! 

Keeping it as non-dairy as possible, I made this Broccoli Cheddar Soup with unsweetened Original Almond Breeze 🙂  Who knew?  Tasted o’ so good! 

Now I’m on the hunt for some more Coconut Milk Ice Cream….


Have you seen me?

…. as I’m trying to pack in as many calories as I can since I just weighed myself and I have apparently dropped about 5lbs since surgery – gross.  Now I normally don’t discuss my weight on the blog, bc well, I just don’t think it’s necessary.  I like to go off the way my clothes fit vs. fighting with numbers on a scale every day.

But sheesh, I am 5’7″ and normally weigh around 132ish however after my shower today the scale ready 127?!  Wtf.  Not good 😦  Bye bye muscle, since I know you’ll be the first to go….

Fanatic Dad suggested I start downing chips and chocolate, to which I kindly reminded him that homie don’t play that since that would feel like death to my throat! (Men…)

I decided that massive quantities of coconut milk ice cream  protein powder and peanut butter will have to get the job done 😉

Well on tonight’s agenda is round 2 of American Idol (yay!) and a lil’ dinner fixin’ for The Man… look what’s on the menu!

Mmmmm I’ll be drooling over the saute pan 😉  Haha gross, kidding friends.

Oh yes, and most importantly of all, tonight I’ll be announcing the winner of the giveaway!!!  Stay tuned…. 🙂


8 responses to “Chips and chocolate?

  1. I think it’s totally normal to drop weight after surgery. After my boyfriend had ACL surgery he lost like 10 pounds but gained it back shortly after.

  2. I wouldn’t sweat the small stuff, friend! You know youre fabulous, baby food n all 😉

    And you know you didnt lose that weight in an unhealthy way- just your bod’s reaction to the MAY-JAH stress it experienced durin surgery & the recovery process.

    but…..i mean…..if eatin tons of smoothies, coco-milk ice cream and crazy sweet tato-pb purees is the way to lose 5 lbs…sign me up!?!? LOVE IT !

  3. Hey lady! I think it is wonderful and HEALTHY that you are realizing that you need to put those lbs. back on. However, it will come back on naturally when your body is ready, no worries.

    And as I was reading through your post, I was thinking of telling you ‘EAT SPOONFULS OF NUT BUTTER!’, muahaha. But you already thought of that!

    I have been meaning to get my act together and send you something. I promsie it will get there eventually! I need to do some shopping first. 😉

  4. You could just down a few pints of coconut ice cream- sounds delicious 🙂 That being said, I’m glad to hear you’re not like a lot of women who would LOVE to lose weight as a side effect. Weight loss has become almost TOO positive in our society, and when people lose weight they rarely consider how it affects them adversely. Kudos for you to keeping your health in mind! Don’t stress too much, though…just focus on recovery first!

  5. Your oat bran looks tasty! I haven’t had OB in too long. The box is feelin’ sad in my pantry. 😦

    Don’t worry, girl – you will regain your strength in no time at all. I have to echo the other ladies and say it’s good you realize the weight loss is not a good thing. If I hear one more friend brag about losing el-bees because of the stomach bug… 😉 But you are going to get back there, I am just admiring your positivity throughout ALL of this. Truly – it’s inspiring, because I know how hard it is to stay away from your fave foods…and exercise! Take care of yourself, first and foremost, and I think protein powder and PB sound like a GREAT plan. 🙂

  6. I’m so glad to read that you realize that the weight loss is not a good thing. Many girls get caught up in those numbers going down and actually get excited about it. Just enjoy all the full fat yogurt, PB, protein powder, coconut oil, etc. that you can!! You will get back to your old self before you know it. And can I just say how impressed I am that you’re still cookin for The Man?? I would not be cookin if I couldn’t eat it… selfish, yes. haha! 😉 Poor Andrew… haha! 😉 Take care of yourself lady! 🙂

  7. guys just don’t get how to pamper a sick person 🙂 Mmm but soydelicious works

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