Well hello there everyone!  🙂

Ready for Friday are we?  If you asked me that question last week at this time I was definitely not on the “yes” train… however this week I am happy that a week of recovery has gone by and I’m that much closer to getting better!

So how abouts we switch things up and work backwards tonight, shall we?

Dinner was the most fabulous mixture of flavors.  I must be on an egg kick today or something….?

+ 1 unpictured egg 🙂

Saute up the mushrooms in some EVOO until soft & cooked through.

Add a few handfuls of spinach until wilted.

If you haven’t recently had your tonsils removed, go ahead and add S&P (my seasoning loves, how I miss thee :P)

In the meantime, “fry” up an egg using cooking spray. 

At the very end mix a cheese wedge into the veggies until melted & serve on up.

Top with said egg (and more black pepper…. ahhhh a girl can dream 😉 )

Then let the yolk run free!

Oh yes, it was as good as it looks. 

Now if only this whole ‘eating process’ would get a lil’ easier! 😛

But where o’ where is the obligatory smoothie?!  Don’t fret my friends, the afternoon smoothie delivery is here!


Yum 😀

I also picked up some of this fabulous-ness while at TJ’s today (Mom & I need to go to grocery shopper addicts anonymous….)

Pretty much ecstatic about that purchase.

Fanatic Mom was also gettin’ busy in the kitchen whippin’ up some of her new fave salsa from a “lil’ blog” called Pioneer Woman.

She claims it to be her new favorite salsa ever….  coming from the woman who “hates” cilantro, I say this is a pretty bold statement.

I, of course, can’t support this claim until fully recovered (death by tortilla chip….) however from the smells of it she may be onto something 🙂

Guess it’s that time again, time for another hour of my life devoted to American Idol haha.  Don’t judge, we all have our vices 😉 

Have a most lovely night my friends & see you tomorrow!


9 responses to “Egg-a-licious

  1. The salsa recipe is the best! I am never buying premade again! If you make it, go easy on the jalapenos. The second time I made it, I didn’t even add them and it is still plenty spicy. Pioneer Woman has lots of great recipes on her website.

  2. Food looks fabulous! Looks like you are on your way to a great recovery 🙂 Homemade salsa is the best! Love it!

  3. girlfrind you have been on top of your egg game as of late. Dare you to make an egg smoothie 😉

  4. Glad the eating thing is finally getting (a little) easier- hang in there! I love that TJ’s PB…it’s even better than the Naturally More with flaxseeds!

  5. I really need to try that Tj’s peanut butter I just always get scared.

    I love the cherry berry blend at Trader Joe’s I just go through it like a wild woman

  6. Will you make my brekkie tomorrow? 😉 I absolutely love choco amazing grass!

  7. Glad to hear you’re well along our way to recovery!!! Great egg dish (and way to keep avoiding the spices….ahh the painful memories!). Love AI!

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  9. That is a pretty perfect looking egg!!

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