Total girls night

Happy Saturday night friends!!!

I just spent a most glorious evening with my fave Nurse ever 😉

Watchin’ a lil’ of this

Love. Love. Love.

So much so that now I am actually going to read the book haha 😛

And makin’ a lil’ of this!

Rustic Apple Tart

Oh yes, it was fantastically delicious 🙂

The other day Fanatic Mom spotted this dynamic duo makin’ this bad johnny on FoodTV.


And it couldn’t have been any easier…. seriously 🙂



And voila!

Total girls night, totally necessary.

In other news, I ate lasagna for dinner, take that tonsillectomy 😛  I think we know a certain someone who may have just recovered in 1 week from surgery, the nurse could hardly believe it.  The power of foods & following directions, AMAZING. 

Hope all of you are enjoying your weekend and I’ll see you tomorrow! 🙂


3 responses to “Total girls night

  1. I love that book, but the movie just wasn’t as good to me! Definitely read it if you get a chance 🙂 The tart looks amazing…reminds me of the Tarte aux Pommes you can buy in France! Have a great Sunday 🙂

  2. ah nothing says girls night like cheesy romantic movie and dessert. Wish I could’ve been there cuddling witcha sister girl!

  3. I tried to read that book, but didn’t finish! haha I was just getting confused and gave up. But I DO want to see the movie!

    That dessert looks bomb! I need to watch the Neely’s…I have some of their shows on my DVR. They look adorable. 🙂

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