Maybe a bit overboard?

Hola amigos! amigas? Eh, I took French in high school… what do I know 😛

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday so far!  I definitely can’t complain, got myself into work again today and am not doing too shabby.

What is shabby? (yes I realize grammatically that this does not make sense, but work with me here peeps)

 Snow.  That we are supposed to get again today.  Apparently ol’ man winter didn’t get the “IT’S MARCH” memo.  Thanks for that delivery postal service… and now you’re taking off Saturdays too?  Sheesh.

Anywho!  Today’s lunch was a mixture of loveliness… as I sent The Man to work with the leftover bacon topped meatloaf in my effort to “decrease the meat!” in my diet 😉

We have:

Leftover veggie soup (half can)


Avocado half

Chobani of lurve!!!

And some chocolates…. again.

Remember just last week when I had lost 5lbs thanks to the surgery?  Yea, safe to say that 5 is b-a-c-k (uhhh and maybe 1 or 2 more)!!!  Looking healthier by the day 🙂 

Perhaps it was the GALLON of this stuff…

…that I consumed in 4 DAYS that’s helping out too haha.  Maybe a bit overboard Steph, maybe?  Pants are not as “loose” as they once were!  Hey, sue me, I just had surgery 😛 

But seriously, so ready to get on that workout train again!  I know I’ll be back at it in no time flat!

Alright, well I’m off to conquer what’s left of the afternoon for moi.  Tonight I may go see my sexy manshizzle play some basketball, we’ll see how the weather goes and how I’m feeling 🙂

Have a good one bloggies!


11 responses to “Maybe a bit overboard?

  1. I don’t blame you, Take The Cake is the best stuff EVER. I could easily eat it in four days, flat. Good thing it is ‘light’! 🙂

    Definitely try to go watch the man hoop it up. It is pretty entertaining I must say. When you are feeling better you should take him on in a game of PIG too. I whoop Mike’s bootay every time… or not!

  2. Take the Cake is SO DANG GOOD. I love getting the big ribbons of the blue icing stuff, and the sprinkles…I’ll stop rambling now 🙂 Have a great night!

  3. lowandbhold

    That ice cream looks fantastic! I haven’t seen it at the stores!

  4. Oh my gosh….that is my favorite Edy’s ice cream!!! It’s right up there with the Cake Batter from Coldstone. Mmmmm.

    You will be back at it in no time at all, girl – just in time for the warm weather and sunshine! And we need to have a talk with Ms. Mother Nature. Snow is NOT allowed in March – right??

  5. I LOVE cake ice cream. It is my five. If you are ever on my side of town, I will take you to a local shop that makes THE BEST!

  6. I love all of Edy’s slow churned ice creams, but that is one of my favorites!! So, so good!!!

  7. birthday cake ice cream is where it’s attttt!!! have you ever tried the Edy’s peanut butter cup? ah, money in the bank!

  8. Is it bad that I’m impressed that you stretched that ice cream out to 4 days? I can go through some coffee Haagen Daz in a day, which is why I won’t allow it in my house…very often, anyway.

    • I love this comment! I am seriously dangerous around ice cream, esp when my eats are so limited bc of my throat still being sore from surgery… ah well, it was SOOOO GOOOOOD!

      I haven’t seen my boyfriend play basketball before, but have to admit I’m pretty excited about it 😉 He’s playing for 2 teams now so I wanna see what he’s got!

  9. Oh, and might I give a massive “Amen!” to husbands playing basketball? Down here in Texas it’s warming up a little, and I have to admit that I looove to watch my husband play basketball!

  10. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but that Indian packet thing looks REALLY good! I think I’m imagining the taste in my mouth, which is making me crave it. Funny for something I’ve never had! lol Where did you buy that?

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