Call me nosy

Happy Humpday my lovelies!  Ahhh it’s so nice to actually be happy that the work week is halfway over, after all that time being sick & what not I really missed that feeling 🙂  (weirdo alert again….?)

Also, I just loved hearing about all your dinner times, it’s always interesting to me to see how other people go through their daily lives (call me nosy 😉 )

I will say that a few years ago I was an avid 6pm dinner eater too, any later and I was one cranky lady!  But then I moved to the city & ate out ALOT where dinners were as late as 9pm… so my body started adjusting?

Now with the new house, work & commuting home – I don’t normally arrive until 5:30-6pm.  Next up is a workout, which gets me into the 7pm hour.  So dinner prep doesn’t start until then. Plus The Man doesn’t get home until 7:30 most nights too… so what can I say, we just enjoy our later eats! 😛

Onto something that warmed my heart today… sometimes it’s moments like this that make me really understand why I chose to start the blog and why it holds such a huge part of my heart ❤

I was talking with a friend today about fun new eats & eating healthy and she said this to me: “I have never been a super healthy eater because whenever I did, it wasnt very yummy.  But I am learning some nice tricks to yummy healthy food, thanks to you.”

I’m not sure if I ever thought of the impact that the blog might have on other people’s lives, but I will tell you that this comment brought a tear to my eye.  It was probably one of the most wonderful things that anyone has ever said to me, and it will bring me much joy throughout the rest of the day and beyond 🙂

So thanks friend, you know who you are 😉

Onto some lunch, why don’t we?

Oh yea, this Indian delight was definitely happening aaaagain!

Plus some fun soup they had at the cafeteria – tortellini & spinach perhaps?

A yogurt with a side of long-haired Steph 😛

Plus some of these friends, which The Man brought home after his bball game last night (evil!)

He claimed he got them because they were “healthy”…. I couldn’t argue, dark chocolate is sure way better for you than milk, no? 😉

Well tonight’s plan is to try out a new spice blend that I got from, take a guess – World Market!  Hoping it turns out well, I’m pretty excited about it 🙂

See ya back for more & happy Wednesday!


8 responses to “Call me nosy

  1. What a nice comment from your friend. Little things like that are so important to hear, I know it would make my day too!

  2. i love trying new spices! and those dark chocolates are so good.

  3. I’ve had some friends and coworkers say similar things to me. It warms my heart. I love helping people live a bit healthier!

    That soup looks nummy. Enjoy the rest of your day my dear!

  4. What a nice thing for your friend to say!

  5. That’s a huge and well deserved compliment!! 🙂

  6. That is a wonderful compliment from your friend! Maybe you can teach me to like veggies? 😉

  7. lowandbhold

    I wish I liked dark chocolate. But it’s milk chocolate all the way for me.

    What a sweet compliment. You deserved it!

  8. So nice of the man to bring home dark chocolate, he definitely knows the way to your heart! Such a great compliment from your friend. Goes to show you that as women, we can be each other’s supporters to ending the “diet” talk! Have a great night!

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