Bright & sunshine-yyyy dayyyy

Hello everyone!

What a gorg-y bright & sunshine-y day it is here in central VA… after this long winter I am welcoming this with open arms 😀

And I’m happy to report that I ended up liking my 2 hour visit with C.Diaz last night, adding a lil’ James Marsden to the mix didn’t hurt either 😉


Here’s a piece of a review I read describing the premise of the movie:  “Metaphorically, the box refers to how us humans tend to subconsciously hole ourselves into situations or things in everyday life, and how our enclosed thoughts tend to see things from a certain perspective, seldom out of the box.”

It was directed by the same guy who directed Donnie Darko… and was set in my hometown of Richmond, VA  (!!) in the 1970’s… definitely not a happy-go-lucky movie but quite intriguing none the less.  I would definitely check it out!

Well breakfast this morning included some inspiration by this homegirl and this fave fitness diva 😛

Microwave Egg Mug!

Just spray a mug with some cooking spray, plop in some fresh spinach and microwave 30 seconds.

Next crack an eggy and add to spinach, giving a lil’ stir to break yolk.  Microwave about 1 minute 30 seconds to cook through.

Transfer to a bowl & let it cool a minute!  Trust me on this, I had a pretty nasty “situation” with an egg white burn to my throat (yea, I know, shocking) earlier this year and it was horrific.

Pass the ketchup blob please 😛

I also had some TJ’s raisin bran, sliced bananer, peanut butter & vanilla almond milk but alas, no pictures were had.

After 30 minutes of my fave yoga sesh (YogaWorksBodySlim on ExerciseTV) and a quick shower it was time for some lunch!  (P.S. Yoga felt amazinggggggg, however my throat was not loving the upside down pressure after a while so I didn’t push it 😉 )

Using these friends

I made a deelish sammie…

A quick trip in the George Foreman and voila!

Plus some TJ’s tortilla chips & this sucker to go with

Gorgeous lunch!

Now time to roll, I gots some errands to run on this beautiful day before the party tonight! 🙂

Have a lovely day bloggies!


7 responses to “Bright & sunshine-yyyy dayyyy

  1. is today beautiful or whattttt?!?! enjoy it, pooks!

  2. It’s a purty day here in Atlanta too!! 🙂 Your lunch looks WONDERFUL!! Have a lovely Saturday!! 🙂

  3. yay im so glad you tried the egg in a mug!!! 🙂 That sammie looks amazinggg holy yum!

  4. That sammie looks soooo good! Avocado + hummus are always a winning combination. I’m loving the new Athenos containters, they’re so much more eye-catching than the old ones! Have a great night 🙂

  5. A little James Marsden never, EVER hurts 😀

  6. Oh my gosh…I love microwaved eggs, but that’s genius to add spinach to the mix! Would you believe I’d never had ketchup with eggs until a few months ago? Um, WOW.

    That salsa sounds amazing, too. I LOVE sweet salsa!

  7. Your sandwich looks so gourmet with those grill marks 🙂

    I wondered how that movie was. We ended up watching “The Informer” this weekend with Matt Damon and it was kinda odd…

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