Great day – how else to put it?

Whew what a busy afternoon!  But I must say it was glorious because (1) I had great company 😉 and (2) it was bright & sunny outside!

In a few hours time we accomplished:

  • restoring lady BMW to a somewhat squeaky clean state of being
  • mall trip & resizing pearl ring from The Man (small finger girlllll)
  • refraining from spending my lifesavings at Target (thank u boyfriend :P)
  • buying seeds/plant starter kit for a veg garden this year!

Obsession #1

I want to smell myself forevah haha ?  😉

Obsession #2

Let’s hope we succeed! (currently training Lucy Dog to eat squirrels, haha, just sayin’ :P)

After all that I was pooped… speaking of Diva Dog who so nicely woke me up at 8am with her “tap dancing” after we stayed up ’til 1am which didn’t help out much.  Thanks mutt 😛

Took a glorious nap and then it was time to prep a quick dinner before we headed out the door.

Found this soup mix at the store the other week, thought I’d give it a go

I’d say I approve!

Here were the complicated instructions 😉

And presto chang-o


Became that

I really have to be honest – I thought it was disgusting.  I ate 2 bites and threw it out… which I NEVER do 😦

What wasn’t disgusting was this!

I had these new Nature’s Own Sandwich Rounds with Laughing Cow & Avocado to go with 🙂

The Man had Andouille Sausage “sammies” w/ cheese to go alongside his

Now I gotta get ready for the par-tayyyy!  I have a new shirt I’m excited about wearing, and the contacts are finally going back in the ol’ peepers… hello eyeliner, where you been all my life haha?

Time to pour a glass of vino & I’ll see ya’ll tomorrow! 🙂


8 responses to “Great day – how else to put it?

  1. I was thinking of growing a mini garden in pots up on the roof this summer. Although, I am afraid I’ll kill them! Have fun tonight. 🙂


  2. Hooray for the weather being so nice this weekend. It’s been quite lovely!

    Have fun at the party tonight.

    PS I went to 5 after 5 last night. I thought I might run into Mama Fanatic there, but no such luck.

  3. hello! How are ya baby doll? Sounds like you are having a fantastic weekend. The sammy looks incredible! I’ve consumed quite a bit of avocado this week= amazing! Love the his and hers dinners (a must in our house ;)). Take a pic in the new shirt & contacts! I’ve been missing ya- hope to have a post up tomorrow after I do some more catching up!

  4. Too bad about the soup but the sammie sounds awesome!
    Good luck with plants! I am jealous. I can’t grow a thing. Really, I kill ANYTHING. Even chia plants… which are supposed to be impossible to mess up. Um, no.
    Have fun tonight!

  5. I feel like I got a lot done today as well–yay for being pro-active!

    Bummer about the soup, it looked really good.

    Have fun tonight with your pretty eyes!!

  6. Good luck with your garden! We grow our own tomatoes and I love being able to pick one off when I need it. Hope you had fun at the party!

  7. PS- I forgot to add that you won my Le Creuset giveaway! Just pop me an email with your shipping info when you get a chance and I’ll get it to the people at CSN!

  8. yay for growing your own veg garden!! We are attempting that as well, so far just cabbage and lots of herbs. It is a whole new world for us to learn how to grow food, haha!

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