Well hello there friends!

It was a warm & sunny day here in central VA and we definitely made the most of it considering our sleepy-heads slept in considerably late today 😉

We helped out fanatic mom & dad with some things (and by “we” I mean, The Man carried heavy a$$ stuff) and scored a sweet new shelf to house our 1042 “necessary” electronic items…. 😛


I also hit up Whole Foods to round out the grocery shopping for the upcoming week and was very proud of myself for walking away with only $45 in expenditures!  And knowing that what I purchased will be healthy & deelish, priceless, obvi…

One of my purchases was this lil’ lady, which I have been meaning to get my hands on (only $5.99 AND I had $1 coupon – score it up!)


So freaking good 😀

I also was desperately craving a classic barbecue chicken dinner tonight too for some reason (hello vino aftermath, nice to meet you LOL?) so that’s what happened… haven’t craved chicken in ohhh I don’t know, 4 weeks?  I felt like my old self again!

I ran into this friend during my Whole Foods adventure today and was sold from the start – score!

I marinated some lean chicken breasts for a few hours and cooked ’em up stove top… my method works like a charm everytime, these were moist & delicious… the sauce got 2 thumbs up from both of us!

To go with it was another classic, Mac N’ Cheese gone TJ’s Organic ‘healthified’ style

See you never conventional prep, almond milk gets the trick done perfectly – score!

And Mr. You-know-who still has no clue he’s chowing down on “Nutty Mac N’ Cheese” if you will 😉  Shhhh, don’t tell!

Plus a simple spinach, cucumber & carrot salad topped w/ mango salsa to get my veg on!

This salad made me so very happy, mango salsa is where it’s at?!?!  Score!

I think I’ll just have to dig into some of this new find too tonight (score!) – which I may or may not have gotten since it’s named after my momma 🙂 

The Man always says that I’m a marketer’s dream…. hahaha I fall for it all 😛

Well tomorrow we are back to work, yea yea yea.  It’ll be my first full week in quite some time and that feels really nice 🙂  I plan on doing some yoga after work, still feelin’ yesterday’s sesh in my upper back but ready for more (those muscles totally hadn’t been worked in some time, bc that sesh had never made me sore like that haha love it!)

Alright, here’s to it friends!  Have a fabulous evening and I’ll see you for another Monday tomorrow 😀


7 responses to “Score!

  1. haha loved the comment about the “marketers dream” 🙂 too funny. Looks like you got lots of goodies!

  2. Great deal on the maranatha almond butter!! Maranatha is #1 in my book!! 🙂

    I’ll have to try making GF mac and cheese with almond milk sometime! I wonder if Andrew would be able to tell the difference… 😉 Worth a try, right??

  3. Maranatha is definitely one of the best AB brands- enjoy! Sharon’s Sorbet is awesome, too. They have a champagne flavor that is out of this world! Have a great Monday!

  4. Nice job on the $$ spending! I always get out of control in WFs. Maranatha is amazzzzzzzzing! Yum! Beautiful din din too. Hope the Monday goes well

  5. MaraNatha is my FAVORITE Almond Butter!! I mean, seriously. I’m smacking my forehead for not stocking up when it was on sale a few weeks ago for $5!!!

  6. Just yesteday the hubbie proclaimed he wanted mac n’ cheese but figured there was no healthy version (he’s trying to eat healthier!)…guess I have to make him this now!

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