Back to “normal”

So today began with thoughts of my lil’ sister (who is still in college)

And how she is currently cruising her spring break away on this guy:

Going to destinations such as this:

While I am “living the dream” here in this cubicle at work on this sunny, 65 degree central VA day 😛

But for realz friends, I actually am so grateful that I have my health back and am able to start off a full and “normal” work week which has not happened in quite some time!

I feel blessed that I have recovered so quickly and that I am able to get into work to do my job & make that $dough$.  Sounds silly, I know, but until it gets taken away from you sometimes one’s mind can get clouded in knowing what they should truly be grateful for?

Okay enough of me preaching about how I’m happy to be at work and not in bed feeling like death (even though it’s SO TRUE)…

How about some food?  Since I’ve seemed to have eaten enough of it to go around the blog world this morning haha.

Oats w/ banana & peanut butter & all the fixins couldn’t hold me over til lunch, obvi.  A yogurt didn’t even do the trick. So I broke into the chocolate stash at 10am haha 😛

Hey, I’ve got 5 2 pounds to gain back after being sick! (righttttttt)

Blue Hershey`s Coconut Creme Chocolate Kisses: 6LB Case

It would be fitting that I found Coconut Creme Chocolate Kisses to be quite possibly my favorite candy in the world.  And someone must remove the bag from our house before I eat myself silly.  Seriously.  An intervention is being requested 😛

Lunch eats included leftovers from last night, which I’ll remind you friends of in wayyyy prettier pictures than this mid-day tupperware story would tell.

And more hershey kisses, bc I have a problem.

Plans for the post work life today include

  • another yoga session (yay, so excited!)
  • new-to-me dinner
  • NEW GOSSIP GIRL!!! (shhh, don’t tell The Man, it may interrupt our usual Monday night line up haha oops :P)

Oh yes, get excited.  And yes, I’m 15 years old, and adore GGirl.  We all have our vices let’s just forget the hershey kiss problem while we’re at it, kapeesh?

Off to finish up a lovely afternoon and hope you do the same! 

See you tonight lovelies 🙂


10 responses to “Back to “normal”

  1. I hope your sis has lots of fun. I can’t wait to a new episode of Gossip Girl!!

  2. savoringsarah

    Lucky lil sis!!

    Glad to hear your Monday is startin out so well…COCONUT CREME KISSES?? Yup, a sure fire sign on a GREAT week to come 🙂

  3. I’m gonna pretend I never heard there were such things as coconut cream hershey kisses… la la la la, can’t hear you!!!!! 😉

  4. I’m excited for GG too!!! I didn’t realize it was new until I saw that my DVR was going to record it tonight! I’m surprised they didn’t advertise it more. Can’t wait!
    And you’re very right about how we sometimes forget what we should be thankful for until it is taken away from us. 🙂

  5. AHH I FORGOT GG WAS TONIGHT! that is SO exciting 🙂

  6. I still haven’t watched Gossip Girl. I’ve been living under a rock. 🙂

    Yayy for your little sis. I hope she has funnnn!

  7. You and your sis look SO much alike – both beautiful! Love your blue shirt, too. 🙂

    YAYYYY for GG!! I miss Chuck Bass, what can I say? His voice is so sexay. And Nate, oh…how i miss him, too.

  8. Amen! SO glad you recovered quickly! You will be thrilled to have those babies gone! Coconut Creme Chocolate Kisses??? Never heard of these- they sound AMAZING! Enjoy the yoga!!

  9. Gossip girl is my favorite show currently on the air, hands down. And coconut creme chocolate kisses? I feel like every time I turn around they have a new flavor, I need to find some stat! Have a great night!

  10. So glad GG is back! My guilty pleasure!

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