bad tricks!

Hey hey friends!  How goes it?

OMG it is beautifullllllll here today.  I MUST get outside for some fresh air during lunch so I’ve gots to make this quick, I know you understand 😛

Lunch eats today included another Quorn Chik’N patty of lurve atop the same bread w/ the same cheese haha (ummm creature of habit? no?)

Hey, let’s give the imposter picture a break, shall we? 😉

Plus a salad for good measure, which I “spruced up” with the help of our salad bar…

Totally feelin’ the cucumber, carrot, corn, green pea, black bean, garbanzo & FETA combo today!!! 

I just realized it had been WAY too long since feta was in my life.  Happy happy 🙂

There is also a yogurt in my future (hey, it’s the best the caf gots)

I am totally loving these new containers for some reason?! (remember, marketer’s dream haha 😉 )

I also keep making progress on the coconut creme hershey kiss bag, and by progress I mean that it may or may not almost be gone haha.  Oh yea, and the milk chocolate eggs too, but let’s just keep that between us aight?

 trying. to. get. away. haha  

And to think just a few years back I didn’t even like the stuff?  I probably had it once every few months.  Hmmmm maybe old dogs do learn new tricks 😉

Bad tricks!  LOL.

Anywho, no workouts planned for after work (rest day), however I’m excited that you guys liked the ExerciseTV Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown from yesterday!  Expect to see that one in the near future again fo’ sure 🙂

Plus I’m thinkin’ there’s a GIVEAWAY in the air either tonight or tomorrow – whoooopeeeeeeeee!!

I also have a “wokky” kinda dinner planned for tonight, yummmm-O!

Gotta run, see ya soon 😀


9 responses to “bad tricks!

  1. I want those coconut creme kisses soooo bad!! They’d be gone in a day!

  2. girrrrrl have you ever tried the pineapple/coconut dannon light and fit. Life changing, I tell ya!

  3. Enjoy the weather, Steph! It is gorgeous!

  4. Hey, nothing wrong with the Dannon yogurt. 🙂

    And I reallly want to try those Kisses. I’m with Jessica, they would be gone in the blink of an eye!

  5. lowandbhold

    It’s beautiful here too. Such a shame to be cooped up inside for most of the day.

    LOOOOVE that chik’n patty. I’m having one for dinner tonight 🙂

  6. coconut creme kisses?! omg i thought when they came out with the peanut butter filled ones it couldn’t get any better. i’m about to head to the store looking for these right now! 🙂 enjoy the lovely weather today!

  7. These coconut creme kisses just keep sounding better and better! I’ve been inhaling spoonfuls of PB recently when I crave sugar, so I can’t wait until lent is over and I can try all these treats!

  8. Shame on that cafeteria for not offering better yogurt like Chobani (I know I am shameless).

    I would like those kisses if they were very dark chocolate covered. Me and milk chocolate just don’t go well together.

  9. My favorite Easter candy is the mini cadbury eggs with the hard shell and chocolate center. I haven’t bought any YET but I’ve been tempted!!

    I’m loving the weather here as well. Enjoy it Steph!!

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