Ahhhh glorious!  Upon leaving work I stepped outside to 70 degrees and slightly breezy.  Ohhh yes, I could get used to this 😉

On the way home I decided that it was just too warm not to have margaritas tonight!  I rarely crave these (me & tequila aren’t besties) however sometimes it just has to be done.

But since I work full time and all plus still wanted to squeeze in a workout, it was gonna be a fast-fix tonight 🙂

I normally snuff my nose at premade mixes (snob :P) but I loved this!  I was really hoping for the best & I got it.  I think the addition of both the tequila & grand marnier made it just work?!

 Ohhhh dangerous 😉

Speaking of that workout, Verizon Fios sucks big time and our On Demand has only been working intermittently for weeks now.  But since I haven’t been able to workout, I haven’t gotten all worked up about it (eh hmm until now).  They have even come to the house, we have called tons of times and I think at this point I am at wits end!

Anywho, rant over, I had to scrounge around for something low-impact if I wanted any workout action at all today.  Here enters this….

Denise Austin - Fat-Blasting Yoga: 21 Days to a Yoga Body [VHS]

Oh yes, I took it there.  Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures 😛

The first 30 minutes was enough of a gentle workout/toning session for today – tomorrow I better be able to visit J.Mich for a Yoga MeltDown sesh or else ugh… mad mad Fanatic!

Okay okay onto the dinner part!  So what goes better with a marg than some:


Oh yes, it was the only thing that would do on this 70 degree day 😀 

Plus I think the elevator convo with my co-worker the other day mayyyy have played a part in this craving LOL.

The key players in this lil’ meal included:

Shrimpies marinated in a mixture of Key Lime seasoning, Mesquite seasoning and 1 tblsp olive oil.



Veggie fiesta including onions, peppers and corn cooked up in 1/2 tblsp olive oil.


And some fixins including Pineapple Chipotle salsaColby Jack, sliced avocado & tortillas (for Mr. Fah-gee-tah himself?)

The Man had the traditional…

The lady had a South of the Border salad beast 😀

This was by far the best dinner of the week.  And I proclaimed it my fave salad I have ever made.  Times a hundred. 

I can’t even explain to you the mixture of flavors in this salad.  First of all the shrimp seasoning was PERFECT.  The sweet & smoky blend was a real winner!  Plus the cool creaminess of the avocado with the sweetness of the corn/pepper blend… ahhh my mouth was having a fiesta 😀  Then you get to the cheese chunks and sweet salsa and… geeze, I gotta stop (outta control?)

So. Unbelievably. Good.

Alright, ’nuff of me obsessing over food (for now 😉 ) and time for a American Idol vs. Real Housewives Reunion face-off —> why must they come on tv at the same time gahhhh?!

Have a vun-dee-ful night and see you tomorrow!  Did you remember we’re in the home stretch of the week or what? 😛

And don’t forget that you have until Friday to enter to win some COCONUT PEANUT BUTTER!


12 responses to “Jose!

  1. I love shrimp on my salads!! I’m gonna tell Andrew to make this for us sometime soon!! 🙂

  2. Those shrimp fajitas look delicious! I just started to like shrimp about 6 months ago, but Ive never eaten it like that! Thanks for the idea.

  3. Girl, you’ve got me craving some crustaceans and salsa! Tequila and I aren’t really friends. He’s fun at parties, but the next morning he’s like a b****slap in the face!

  4. Your fajitas sound soooo good!!! YUM!!! The way you described them literally made my mouth water ha And the margaritas… jealous of you!

    And I have to admit.. Denise Austin is my hero. JK. But really, I actually do love her. I have many of her dvds, which is what got me into exercising oh so many many years ago.

  5. Hi Steph – man if only I wasn’t allergic to shellfish. It is a horrible allergy to have – I developed it about 2 yrs ago. It is so wrong for someone from New Orleans to have a shellfish allergy. But I made Chicken Fajita Salad last night and it was good. So you would totally want to trade places with me right now. I am in Anaheim, CA for the Natural Products Expo. I am hear to work the Chobani booth but can’t wait to take a look around at all the really cool stuff.

  6. how do you fit in exercise with work? xx

  7. GREAT din din- I love fajitas/tacos/etc! And its fun to make them at home when you can make them a lot healthier. I was sooo irritated that AI was on at the same time as real housewives last night. I taped both, mostly watched idol but can’t WAIT to catch up on housewives

  8. The only way I will drink tequila is in shot form 🙂 I’ve never been a huge fan of sipping it in a margarita.

    You know I LOVE shrimp so that dish looks amazing! Shrimp and margs…you are making me so ansy to get down to the Keys for my vacation already!

  9. A margarita sounds perfect right now!

  10. Yay for margaritas!!! Tequila and I used to be besties then spring break in Cancun happened and we have been estranged ever since except an occasional margarita when it gets warm out. I get my fill in then say goodbye again.

  11. Those fajitas look great!

    Before I actually got into yoga, I used to do that dvd, too. I don’t like it at all now, though.

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