Blame it on the warm weather

Does anyone else sometimes find it difficult to come up with fun & exciting intros into their blog posts?  Just curious, ’cause today this girl’s got nothin’ – sorry! 😛

Well, I do got somethin’ else actually, and that would be the base makings of a Shrimp Fajita salad from last night’s dinner of lurve!

Just add some lettuce, black beans & green peas from the Caf salad bar and voila!

I now proclaim this my FAVORITE salad in the world.  Ever. 

The avocado was a bit softer today and just smooshed around with the salsa to make this incredible “dressing” plus I loved the black bean addition… ahhh I could seriously eat this for the rest of the week at every meal.  Hey, don’t put anythinggggg past me 😛

Good thing shrimp were buy 1 get 1 free last night!

I also have been snacking on more of this (with my trusty measuring spoon, obvi!)

And I couldn’t resist this random cookie today… what is up with me craving things I normally don’t love? (i.e. tequila?! haha)

Later I’ll probably have a lil’ of this (spread on some almond thins?), right Jenna?!? 😀

So yea, it’s been a good day of eats so far as far as I’m concerned!

After work today I have plans to do another Yoga MeltDown session with J.M. — and Verizon, if you suck again at life today I am really going to lose my cool.

Also, I’m on my own for dinner tonight! 

The Man has a basketball game at our prime “dinner hour” and will be served hot dogs & tater tots upon arrival home (bc I’m sweet like that – and don’t worry, they’re organic hot dogs from Whole Foods, but shhhh don’t tell 😉 )

Still tossing around some ideas for my dinner, however I think I have a few things in mind!

Is it just me or have I been super spontaneous and bad at pre-planning dinners this week?  Ahhh I blame it on the warm weather LOL. ??

And don’t forget, 1 more day to win this bad boy!

Have a great day kiddos, when I see you next we’ll be well on our way into the start of another weekend 😀


7 responses to “Blame it on the warm weather

  1. savoringsarah

    Hi, I want that cookie. What the heck, I have had the most bizarre cookie/candy cravings ALL WEEK!! Must be the moon!??!

    Good work puttin those leftovers to use this week sista! And good luck concoting a delish “girls only” dinner tonight 🙂 I KNOW it will be fab. Too bad you won’t have any Leeelanau County wine to wash it all down, bawhahaha

  2. I always try to think of clever intros and titles and they never come to me. I will leave that to all the truly creative gals out there!

  3. lowandbhold

    I have been sooo bad at meal planning lately. It causes me to spend way to much on groceries too, blah.

    Your eats look great!

  4. I’ve been bad, too! I think it’s because there have been SEVERAL days recently that I’ve had to bring my breakfast, lunch AND dinner with me during the day and right after work (if I have plans). It just gets…..tiring. I always love your meals, though! Come cook for me?

  5. Those almond thins sound delicious with almond butter on top! Whenever I’m on my own for dinner, it’s salad beast time 🙂

  6. Oooh, I heard about Jillian’s new Yoga dvd.I need to chekc this out asap. I love Shrimp in everything.

  7. true story: i have literally sat in front of my computer for 10 minutes trying to think of a clever intro to my intros. It’s almost worse than coming up with witty post titles! 😉

    I want that dvd so badddd. If only Bob would come out with a yoga DVD 😉

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