Amazing night at Anokha

Happy Friday night friends!

Well I’m just gonna get right to it here, our dinner at Anokha was AMAZING. 

I was so impressed with not only the delicious food, but the service, which was impeccable!  I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this place, if you live in Richmond, I would seriously recommend going here like… tonight. Or tomorrow, ’cause it’s kinda late and all 😉

To start things off we were served some delicious flat bread stuff (there’s my technical term for it?) along with a trio of dipping sauces.


#1 Some sort of sauce/glaze w/ tamarind (which neither of us had ever tasted & are now HOOKED! we ordered more & they brought us a whole bowl full! heaven 🙂 )

#2 Yogurt cucumber sauce

#3 Cilantro & garlic sauce (this was my second favorite behind the tamarind!)

We also ordered some wine & beer to start this Friday right 😉

The appetizer selection was based on a review I had read earlier, and it did NOT disappoint

Lasooni Gobhi – crispy cauliflower florets in a zesty garlic-tomato glaze

The Man and I both adored this!  I will tell you I was skeptical at how he would react to all these new tastes, since this is definitely outside of his “comfort” zone, however he actually had to stop himself from eating the rest of this plate and getting too full for his entree!

I paired this with the yogurt sauce shown above, it was absolutely fabulous 🙂

After perusing the menu…

… I decided to go with this delicious loverly 😀

Baingan Bahaar – eggplant cooked in zesty tomato glaze (note there was also other veg in that mix)

Served with the most perfectly cooked rice I have ever had before, this was an absolute playground for my mouth!  One of the best dishes I have had out, hands down.

The Man decided to go with this

Coastal Shrimp Curry – a shrimp coconut curry inspired by the coastal region of western India

It was spicy!  Too spicy for tonsil girl over here (yea yea, they are still sensitive) but it was delicious none the less!  And Mr. Indian food himself ate it up with no problem 😉

We also ordered the garlic naan which was outta this world good!

All in all it was a fabulous date night out.  The restaurant, the food, the ambiance (sorry for the dark pics, it was all romantic-like in there 😉 ), the company… ahhh I couldn’t have asked for more!

I guess after all this food talk I should probably let ya’ll know that I had a fabulous post-work time “up in the gym exercise room just workin’ on my fitness” 😛

6 Round Slim Down is amazing, after 3 weeks of no heavy exercise this was just what my body needed.  Not going to say it was easy (whoa, 3 weeks, really body?) but it felt amazing.  I need that good sweat and strength training session like I needed that Indian food tonight 😉

Well I guess it’s time to announce the winner of the COCONUT PEANUT BUTTER GIVEAWAY?!

Drumroll please 😉

Congratulations Yvette!!!  😀

Send me your mailing info and I’ll pass it over to the fabulous folks at Tropical Traditions so your Coconut Peanut Butter can get on its merry way!

P.S.  I have been putting this fantastic stuff in my oats every morning this week and am completely smitten.  So if you didn’t win, I highly recommend that you check this stuff out anyways, for realz 🙂

P.S.S. And if you didn’t win this time around, guess what?  There just may be another giveaway in the near future that you could have your shot at too!!

Alright, “ten-hundred” years later (as I used to say when I was a youngin’) it is time for me to get outta dodge!  Movie time with my handsomest, which is perfect since it’s pouring outside!

Have a wonderful night friends 🙂


9 responses to “Amazing night at Anokha

  1. What a nice night out!! You look so pretty!! Love that top!! Enjoy the movie! 😉

  2. Sounds like such a great dinner! I always get that eggplant dish at Indian restaurants too, and it never disappoints. Stay dry in this awful weather love!!

  3. Your dinner looks amazing – everything yall ordered looks delicious! 🙂 We’ve been meaning to try it – in fact we grabbed a quick dinner at Umi right around the corner from there last night and were talking about how we still needed to go there. I don’t think I’ve read one negative review!

  4. no wonder the service was impeccable — you look hot.. the waiter (or waitress ;)) was probably just enchanted by you

    sounds like a lurvlaaay meal!

  5. i love anokha! my little brother’s best friend works there (Sasquat). hope you enjoyed it!
    ps – indian food is addicting. be forewarned as to the whereabouts of your paycheck! 🙂
    – rebekah

  6. lowandbhold

    That dinner looks so amazing! Sad I didn’t win the pb, lol.

  7. I’ve seen nothing but good reviews for Anokha. I’m so glad that you and the man enjoyed it! I can’t wait to try the place out.

    Today has turned out to be wonderful – enjoy the weather!

  8. First off, how adorable did you look for date night! You go girly- keep it hot for that man of yours 😉 The food looks amazing- especially the Lasooni Gobhi…right up my alley! Glad you’re back enjoying your workouts 🙂 Have a great rest of the weekend

  9. Oooh – I LOVE your top! Can’t wait till this weather warms up JUST a little bit so I can put away sweaters and long sleeved shirts for good.

    I’ve never tried Naan – but I just know I would love it (I mean, it’s a carb!). Especially garlic! Everything looks so tasty.

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