MIA all day?

Sorry for going MIA all day friends!  I was at a conference for work and well, with senior management there and all, I just didn’t find it appropriate to be snapping photos of my food 😉  I hope you understand!

We also had no internet (*gasp* the horror!) so didn’t matter anyways…

I did manage to get a phone pic of this yummy treat that I won for volunteering (so bribe-able!) haha

They are from a place called “For the Love of Chocolate” in a quaint part of RVA called Carytown and are soooo gooood!

Alright, time to run… well time to cardio, but not run (homegirl don’t run, ya’ll know that!)… it was a somewhat decadant day of eats 😛

I’ll see you back soon for dinner!

P.S. Thanks for all your wonderful-ness regarding last night’s fashion show.  You friends are the best 😀


3 responses to “MIA all day?

  1. lowandbhold

    I don’t take pictures in from of my bosses either. Those chocolates look FAB!!!

  2. You’re funny. I’m going to a work dinner with Josh’s bosses tonight and will not be snapping pictures either- bahhh! Its a restaurant we’ve never been too as well, so I’m kind of bummed. The chocolates look super tasty. Have fun getting your cardio on

  3. Free chocolate is definitely a good bribe!! Glad you got something sweet out of it 🙂

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