A feast of nations?

Nahhh not really, more like a feast of Americanized Mexican food, but hey this is no Cozumel – it’s Richmond right 😉

Plus the friends at Casa Grande down the street are just so nice, I always enjoy a random trip there 🙂

Quintessential Tortilla Chips & Salsa


Mole Poblano for her


Combo #2 for him (yes, hold your jokes please LOL :P)

Plus a glass of sangria, I couldn’t resist 😉

Now we are stuffed to the brim, oh Mexican food, I remember why we are only “once every so often friends” haha.  But hey, it was easy and fast and after a long day of work gave us some quality time to spend together 😀  Win!

Now it’s time to get our Irish on (hey, twist my airm, I only said I didn’t like green beer…)

 ….guess we aren’t all thattttt full 😛

“Skinnied-down” with some vanilla almond milk (genius, no?)

Now which workout is in store for tomorrow haha… party fanatic this week apparently?!

But seriously, totally intended on working out today but I guess the whole “holiday spirit” thing just took over.  Honest mistake, I promise 😉  Don’t worry, Jillian will make me remember that mistake tomorrow, no doubt!

Time for some American Idol and putting together a packing list for FitBloggin 🙂  Does anyone else make lists before they pack or am I the only crazy anal retentive one that does that?

Alright all you crazy leprechauns 😉 enjoy your night and see you tomorrow for TGIAF!


9 responses to “A feast of nations?

  1. you are so multi-cultural, my dear 😉

  2. Oh I used to love Bailey’s 😉 We have not even thought about what to pack for Fitbloggin, we are working on a list tonight!!!

  3. Love mexican food!! Anything with mole sauce is bound to be yummy!! 🙂

  4. Mmm… gotta love Americanized Mexican food 😉 No need to apologize on missing one workout – you are one of the most consistent (without being ridiculous and making me want to tear my hair out) worker-outters (totally a word?) I know.

  5. i’ve never tried anything with mole sauce. I think i’ve got to just bite the bullet and order it next time i’m at a mexican restaurant. I just am nervous i wont like it!

  6. lowandbhold

    I have a two page list and I’m almost all packed! I’m OCD/Anal/Type A whatever you want to call it and proud of it! Haha.

    The mole looks amazing!


  7. OMG I love americanized mexican (and a good glass of sangria!) but I REALLY love Bailey’s!!!! It just goes down waaaaaay to easy for how calorie dense of a drink it is

  8. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a lil’ mexican! I enjoyed two (green, of course) Corona lights (with limes) last night. Highlight of my week! Is that sad?

  9. I like your style with the Bailey’s and Vanilla Almond milk! That is totally genius. And no, your not the only one with the list making for packing, I totally do the same thing!

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