Happy FitBloggin Friday!


Well the day has come, in just a few short hours I will begin my adventure up the road to Baltimore with my homegirl Brittany for a lil’ food, fun, fitness & who else knows what 😉

In order to rush outta work in time to get home & finish packing before Momma Fanatic picks me up to go to the train station (you think I’m going to drive Richmond through DC on Friday at rush hour then you’ve lost yo’ mind haha) – lunch was a quickie!

Leftover Pasta Salad

Chocolate Coconut Milk Yogurt (!!squeal!!)

I may as well buy a coconut palm tree at this point, no? 😛  I could live off this stuff….

Looks like we’ll be getting into Baltimore around 6pm tonight if all goes as planned, just in time for the POM Wonderful cocktail reception!  Then I think it’s food bloggers take on the town for the rest of the night 😀

These guys are in charge at the ol’ homestead…

I’m thinking I should try to not be too scared about that lil’ fact…. 😉


My loves!

Alright friends, and I’m out… I’ll report back tonight from Baltimore!  Have a lovely Friday 🙂


7 responses to “Happy FitBloggin Friday!

  1. I’ve never tried that Coconut Milk Yogurt. I would assume you LOVE it?!!
    Have a blast today, can’t wait to hear about it.

  2. Aww, lady, HAVE FUN!!! You got to make up for my absence. 🙂

  3. Have fun at Fit Bloggin!! I’ve been reading Roni’s blog for almost 3 years now! 😉

  4. have a blast and a half, girl! Can’t wait to hear all the deets!!!! LOVE YA!

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  6. so jealous you’re there!!! Have fun and cant wait to read your recaps 🙂

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