Fitbloggin takes on Baltimore!

Good morning from FitBloggin

We started the day with a beautiful sunrise 🙂

And then brekkie – and what better for a bunch of food bloggers than a Quaker oatmeal bar?! Nay? 😉

I had a small bowl since homegirl didn’t participate in the workout this morning – don’t ask, but I just couldn’t fall asleep until wayyyyy too late and was just too tired come 6am.

My B.

There have been so many wonderful companies in attendance and I am learning so much so far! 

New Balance is really puttin’ their “representin” shoes on this weekend for sure

I can’t wait to try my new pair!

Thrive, who makes some pretty unbelievable workout gear.  We got a shirt to try out and I can’t wait to see how I like it, it’s sooooo soft and actually made partially of bamboo?!

And of course my fave twins and their fabulous raw goodies!  These. Are. So. Delicious. 😛 

Name that twin?  Luv ya girls! 😀

After some pretty interesting presentations including

  • Blogs, Accessibility and SEO:  Dispelling the Myths
  • Getting Noticed:  How to Pitch to Traditional Media

It was time for lunch, and boy did these friends know what us foodie bloggers liked!

Roasted veggies, salad w/ beets & bleu cheese and a roasted veggie panini 🙂

Mushroom soup!

Everything was really good – however I think the soup stole the show in the end 😉

Alright, well I better get movin’!  Another session is about to begin, this time around Caitlin will be doing some speaking and I’m really excited to hear what she has to say.

Hope the 5 hours of sleep I’m running on keeps me truckin’ through the day… if not I got my waitstaff bff to hook me up with Tazo Awake tea (they are so nice here!)

Have a fabulous Saturday friends 🙂


4 responses to “Fitbloggin takes on Baltimore!

  1. How exciting!! 🙂 I’m very jealous of the oatmeal bar!!

  2. AH! Looks like so much fun! Enjoy every minute.

  3. It looks so fun! i wish i could have gone! xxx

  4. I’m super jealous of you but so glad that you are having fun!

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