Fit & fun!

Why hello there friends!

So guess you’re wondering how the rest of our day here at FitBloggin went huh?

Let’s go through a few things, shall we… 😛

The afternoon included a breakout session featuring a certain blogger we all know 😉 and some other inspirational speakers on How to Get Published

Also got to try out (and keep!) this amazing lil’ doo-dad that tracks your activity levels and calorie burn as you move throughout the day… then synchs up with your computer and gives you all sorts of fun #s and statistics (accountant’s dream, no?) 😉

Gruve (get yo’ gruv on?!) – check it out – pretty freakin’ nifty for realz…

After a stop at the Jello sponsored reception and some quick nibbles to hold us over…

We got outside from some fresh air and pretty harbor views 🙂

Then headed out for sushi with a big group of foodies! 

Started off with some cocktails, obvi 😉

And then it was serious food blogger study-the-menu-hour, you think ordering sushi is normally fun in a group – try it with 10 foodies!  So. much. fun.  Everyone was so intrigued by all the fabulous combos they had to offer & the discussions were fabulous 🙂

I ended up choosing the Ivy Roll (seen above) and the Asparagus Delight (asparagus, shrimp crab)

Extremely fabulously DELICIOUS. 

As were the lovely scented warm hand towels brought to the table before & after the meal… what can we say, we “roll” classy like that 😉  Get it?  Ahhh I crack myself up… LOL.

It was definitely a couple hours of wonderful conversations and the beginning of many new bloggie friendships!

Cara, Allison, Amie, Heather, Jasmine, Quinn, Megan, Brittany (photographer!), me &  Katie 🙂

Fabulous group of ladies!

We got some fun sweets at the end of dinner too, take that dinner mints! 😛

After dinner no one was ready to call it a night quite yet… so we headed down the street to meet up with another group of bloggers and continue with some more cocktails…

Hey, we may be healthy food bloggers but we never claim to be perfect… homegirls gotta have fun too 😉



It was such a fun night!!

Oh yes, and on the way home we may or may not have hit up the local Whole Foods for some goodies… ONLY food bloggers leave a bar to get to Whole Foods before it closes.  No? 😛

I can’t believe the weekend is already coming to a close though, my how time flies.  Brittany and I are relaxing in our hotel room and hopefully enjoying a full night of rest – since last night left much to be desired (hello 5 hours of sleep?! how am I still awake haha?)

Time to catch up with a few of you fabulous friends and then sleep!  Train ride take 2 scheduled for early tomorrow morning.  See you back in RVA and hope you had a fabulous Saturday 🙂


11 responses to “Fit & fun!

  1. So much fun! There were 6 Veggie Rolls on the menu and they were creative and different, love that! Once again, I’m jealous of all the fun you are having. Thanks for sharing your trip!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun was had 🙂 I love the tank you are wearing!

  3. I had a total blast hanging out with you this weekend! I’m glad we were roomies.

  4. ah! Looks like so much fun! I’m totally a jealous little blogger 🙂

  5. are you trying to make me insanely jealous? ’cause it’s working. Keep having a blastie, pie!

  6. What a blast!!!! I love that yall went to hit up WF’s after the bar, haha! Something I’d totally do!! 😉

  7. That gum is such a great idea! It always takes me FOREVER to decide on sushi and I usually end up being boring and ordering California Rolls LOL. It looks such SUCH a fun weekend, and a fun group of girls. I’m glad you had a great time, girlie!

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  9. SO MUCH FUN! I am super jealous! I would have loved to embark on drunken sushi whole foods shopping shenanigans!

  10. Great to meet you this weekend at FitBloggin’ … I had a fabulous time with you and I honestly cannot wait for all of us to hopefully get together again soon.

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