Sayonara Sucker

Oh whoa Mondayyyyyy

Sayonara Sucker.  See you never next week 😛

I just had the best time today wearing my Gruve at work!  I am such. a. math. geek. haha. 

I was so interested in how it changed throughout the day even though I have a desk job (i.e. during certain meetings, walking to/from building 5 blocks, etc.) and also how it registered 6 Round Slim Down !

Each color represents a different level of activity, from red (sedentary) to green (high) it breaks things down.  But this isn’t it, oh no, there are so many fun graphs to track including calorie burn too! 🙂

Accountant and math nerd’s dream.  I am in lurve… !

Dinner tonight was his & hers style – with a salad to share 🙂

For her:  Veggie BBQ featuring Tempeh

(first time for everything?)

Per Brit’s instruction, I boiled it up for about 10 minutes to get the “bitter” taste out then basted it with Annie’s Smokey Maple BBQ sauce & baked at 375F for 10 minutes.

Served with some additional sauce for dipping

For him:  “Man BBQ” feauturing Pork Chops

Same sauce, different story?

Cooked up in the skillet.

For both:  Spring Salad w/ Raspberry Vinaigrette

  • romaine
  • cucumber
  • tomato
  • onion
  • corn
  • Colby Jack (unpictured)
  • Drew’s Natural Raspberry dressing
  • I had been dying to try this new dressing, what better than a warm spring evening after the rain has cleared 🙂 No?

    So what were the results?

    Well, I have some bad news friends – and you know that I keep it real with you.

    I did not like the tempeh.  At first I thought it was the sauce I didn’t care for, so I tasted The Man’s pork (so wrong…so mature) and realized it wasn’t that.

    I was totally bummed, bc at a Whole Foods demo I really enjoyed the smoked tempeh?  Ah well, not one to give up so fast, I need to try this ingredient again.  Any suggestions on how to prepare tempeh, ideas are welcome!

    The salad was phenomenal though, that raspberry dressing rocks it.  I need to marinade something in it too soon, since it would be fabulous on seafood or chicken I think 🙂

    Time to run, Gossip Girl is on!  And yes, I watch it 😉

    Have a fabulous night friends!


    11 responses to “Sayonara Sucker

    1. Whoa – the Gruve sounds AWESOME! I’d love to have one for a week or so – just to kind of get an idea. My job is soooo sedentary, I’d be interested to see if the 100 bathroom breaks I make a day make a difference at all. 😉

      Thanks for the honesty about the tempeh – I’ve never had it, and I’m so curious! I wish I could offer up some advice. I like to try things twice before deciding on hating it, too – like brussels sprouts! First time hated, second time loved.

    2. Dangit. Sorry the tempeh wasn’t up to par. Did it have a bitter after taste??

      The first few times I made it I wasn’t impressed either. It takes some tweaking and getting used to. The fakin bacon has an added flavor and hides the bitterness that you usually taste in tempeh. That’s probably why you enjoyed the tempeh at the demo.

    3. Thanks for the insight on tempeh. I have never tried it, and not sure I ever will. I just made tofu for the first time last night! Ha, I’m behind the times. The BBQ sauce looks fab though.

    4. Helllo. Sorry to hear about the tempeh let down. I’ve only tried tempeh once and could not deal with the texture- made my tummy turn. The salad looks great though- I love putting corn on top of salads. Hope gossip girls was a goodie

    5. I actually prefer raw tempeh to cooked! If you’ve never tried it plain, take a little nibble next time you try it. I think the bitterness is really overplayed, because in a nice big salad with dressing (I like balsamic +EVOO best with tempeh), it really blends in well. The Gruve sounds so cool, I’m jealous of all you FitBloggin ladies who got one!! Have a great Tuesday 🙂

    6. Tempeh used to be something I ate, but not much anymore. My stomach does not seem to handle it well. That Gruve sounds like a really cool gadget 😉

    7. I am a tempeh virgin — for some reason it always really intimidated. After your lackluster review I think I’ll keep my distance. On a brighter note — isn’t the bbq sauce off the heezy? I could down a bottle in one sitting – no problem.

    8. Tempeh is my new favorite obsession. I like mine with either organicville barbeque sauce or aged balsamic vinegar. Happy eating!

    9. Yikes! This does not make me excited about the tempeh in my fridge, lol. Sorry you didn’t care for it!

    10. You just reminded me I need to start wearing my Gruve! I love how excited you are about it 🙂 I have never tried tempeh before. I have a feeling I won’t like it though.

    11. I read about the Gruve in my last Shape magazine and I thought it was really neat. I suppose I could get a similar idea of how many calories I burn by wearing my heartrate monitor all day long but I wouldn’t get the cool charts! I love charts 🙂

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