Howdy neighbors!

How is your Tuesday so far?

I have been a busy bee here at work, I can’t believe it’s past lunch time already 🙂

Speaking of lunch, check out what’s on the menu!

Imposter Salad

Nature’s Pride slathered with these friends

And some of my fave twin’s goodies that I got at FitBloggin!

These are awesome!  I am such a fan of their raw goodies, if you haven’t tried them I would totally recommend doing so 😀

I actually made an healthified version of an old school “chip-sammich” by layering some of the flatbreads into my hummus/pesto sammie.  Don’t tell me you never put doritos on a turkey sandwich growing up…. ?!

Deelish 🙂

On the agenda is some more work followed by a post-surgery appointment with the ENT to make sure the ol’ throat is looking alright.

And then tonight I’m going to Whole Foods for my fave cooking demo!!  I missed it last month so I am excited to make my return.

Plus I’m hangin’ with fanatic Mom, which always makes everything better!  We like to tag team these types of events 😛

And I wanted to thank ya’ll for giving me some ideas for round 2:  Steph vs. tempeh.  I’m keeping an open mind & am going to give it another whirl soon!

See you tonight with a recap of our cooking adventures & as always, enjoy that day of yours!



6 responses to “Chip-sandwich?

  1. Of course I added chips to my sandwiches when I was younger. AND, of course I STILL love to! 🙂

    Have fun tonight with your mama!

  2. I’m so jealous of all the awesome loot the FitBloggers got!! Those chips sound delicious…I loved the chip/sammie combo as a kid 🙂

  3. lowandbhold

    Oh I love chip sammiches! Great idea using the raw chips!

  4. ah I used to make the most epic chip-wiches when I was a youngin’. Fritos, cheese, and mayo sandwich – oh god.. blogworld would totes disapprove if I whipped that one out.

  5. Love your sandwich!!! I have been craving hummus ever since our dinner on Friday.

  6. pine nut couscous sounds interesting!!

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