Too much spinach?

Happy Wednesday-Humpday-However-you-wanna-say-it! 🙂

First things first, did I mention I had to stop into Costco yesterday for some contacts? and other “necessary” food items, obvi 

Sooooo since reading on Caitlin’s blog about her bulk spinach bargains & with my new found love of spinach in everything smoothies, salad, scrambled eggs…

I decided that I too, needed 2.5lbs of this stuff LOL 😛

I mean check out the size of this bag next to my measley container of Amazing Grass!

The Man seriously thinks I am on crazy pills.  Which I’m okay with 😀

$4.99 for all this?!  Are you serious…. SOLD! 

They also had the cutest lil‘ sweet peppers which I HAD to get, especially since the bag was so cute w/ it’s carrying handle and all (ya’ll remember how I’m a marketer’s dream, right? point and case.)

$3.99 for all these peppers?! 

Which by the way are sweet & incredibly delicious.  I’ve never had this variety, they look similar to banana peppers but taste like sweet bell peppers 🙂

Oh yes, and there was one last purchase that I got in prep for The Man’s mouth surgery on Friday…

You mean you don’t need 3lbs (or whatever) of cottage cheese haha.  I don’t like the stuff, The Man loves it.  And yes, I was highly surprised by this fact too 😉

So moral of the story, Costco can really be a steal for certain things that you want need 809 tons of.  Too bad going there on the weekend (too crowded!) is not an option unless I want to really require crazy pills….

That brings me right into lunch today, which incorporated some of my new purchases!

Spinach salad w/ peppers, onion, artichoke garlic hummus & raspberry vinaigrette

Don’t let the simple looks of this salad fool you – as the flavor combo of the savory hummus w/ sweet raspberry dressing was insanely good!

Vegetable soup

I liked this soup, I would def buy it again!


Plus some Nature’s Valley Granola Nut Clusters for good measure


Lovin’ these!

Alright well I better get to it – some exciting things going on today & work to get done 🙂

Plans tonight include a workout, a fast dinner & maybe a basketball game to see my seksi man play…

Enjoy your day and I hope the sun is shining wherever you are!


16 responses to “Too much spinach?

  1. i love those little peppers! they’re the perfect size.

  2. Those nature valley nut clusters look good! xx

  3. OMG prettttty much exactly what I bought from Costco! Those peppers are aaaaamazing and can never have enough spinach–finding a new way to use it every day! HAHA

  4. So the spinach thing, actually I have started to worry i’m getting too much because I love it in my smoothies and salads and on and on…I heard that too much could cause kidney stones. I may be looking in to this more

    • that’s good information to know, keep me posted! i probably eat a serving or 2 every other day at this point (well before 2.5lb bag haha) and sometimes don’t eat it at all for a few days so hopefully i haven’t done anything too detrimental?!

      • hey just wanted to follow up on this, have been doing some reading up on the link btw spinach & kidney stones and it appears as though you have to be predisposed to a certain type of kidney stone (oxalate) for this to affect you. And actually chocolate can do the same thing… There are many factors that go into a kidney stone and this could be just one of them, however so is making sure that urine stays diluted — of course I’m not doctor in any way shape or form but it’s always good to have an idea of whats out there for sure when it comes to our bodies 🙂 thanks for passing along the information!

  5. Watch out for those Nut Clusters. I could easily eat the whole bag in one sitting, muahaha. 🙂

  6. I looooove Costco! I always have my sistah get me Chobani (of course), Almonds, and Oatmeal from there. 🙂 I need to explore that place some more! That is a SERIOUS bag of spinach. But seriously, I’ve learned you can sneak spinach in a lot of places – like some savory oats I had the other night, mmmm. (With cream cheese!)

  7. Costco is awesome, I wish we had one here 😦

  8. I buy spinach in the container from Costco too, and when and if it starts to go bad, I put it in the freezer. Genius, I know. You cannot have too much spinach. Just thinking about Costco gets me excited. Maybe I need crazy pills!?

  9. woo – spinach on roids! I love costco and it’s colossal goodies. Last time I was there I spied a tub of sabra hummus that was bigger than my head. I wanted to bathe in it.

  10. My parents are Costco fanatics, and I love going there with them. Have you seen the Sabra tubs? AMAZING. Have a great night!!

  11. lowandbhold

    There’s no such thing as too much spinach!! And those peppers sound great. I’ve never seen them before.

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