The return of BFD!

Hey hey friends! 

Stopping in to say a quick hello before I go see Mr. Man play some sweaty basketball 😉

After work today I switched things up a bit and took Miss Lucy Dog for a walk then did an ab session with Cindy Whitmarsh… felt supurbulous!

We decided on BFD since it had to be snappy bc homeboys bball game is at 9pm (on a school night haha?!)

Scrambled Egg Sammies  w/ Peppers, Onions & Colby Jack

 I found these wheat rolls on sale for $0.64 & popped ’em in the freezer this past weekend, once defrosted & baked up they are good as new!

Melted some cheesy on top – can you guess whose is whose?

Served with scrambled eggs & sauteed peppers/onions for her (he has maple sausage too)!


Side Salad

Look familiar? 😛

 The Man and I both decided that these are some of the best peppers we’ve ever had – who woulda thought Costco?  His words “they were so fresh & crisp, I could eat them every day for lunch!”

Never heard him say anything like that about a veggie before haha 😉

Before I go though I have to share with you the fun I’ve been having with my Gruve from FitBloggin!

Basically the “device” tracks your movement through a series of colors, starting with Red, through Yellow, on to Blue, and turning Green once you’ve reached your goal.

Here’s my hourly breakdown for the beginning of the week, I really love charts, sorry!  Hey, I’m a CPA & Six Sigma trained, it’s just who I am haha (character flaw perhaps?)

Monday                                                                Tuesday


And you can see the “key” here.

Gruve color chart

There are also other charts for your viewing & tracking pleasure, such as calories burned by day/hour/5 minute intervals… pretty darn cool.

Check out my stats as I went through the 5 minute intervals of 6 Round Slim Down 🙂

One thing that I did notice was that my calorie burn during this workout seemed to be low, so I consulted the FAQ section to see if there was any reason why?

Q: Will the Gruve measure weight lifting activities?

A: No. The Gruve records activity for weight-bearing activities such as walking and running. The Gruve does not record movements isolated to your arms or legs.

This note pretty much answered my question, considering that 6 Round Slim Down is 5 minute cardio/strength & weight/ab intervals.  So for me that would be the one drawback, since I’m not outside running alot & tend to do more strength/yoga 😛

Anywho, I still think it’s a fabulous lil’ guy and I’ve been wearing mine nonstop since I got it! 

If you may be interested in getting one too the folks at Gruve are offering a special discount of $70.00 off until 4/15.  Just use the code BlogNGruve to get it for a discounted price of $129.95 😀

Alright, gotta run, time to get my bball watching/reading Pampered chef catalog 😉  on!


11 responses to “The return of BFD!

  1. I have such a girl crush on Cindy Whitmarsh. Her abs are sick nasty!

  2. Those scrambled egg sammies looks extra good with that melty cheese! Yummmmm! 🙂

  3. I was thinking about making a scrambled egg sammie in the next week as well, yours look delicious!

  4. I’d totally be addicted to a Gruve, too…the charts are so neat! Too bad I don’t have an extra 120 lying around, haha. Have a great night!

  5. So, you think the Gruve is worthwhile! I’m considering it. Does it take into account one’s specific metabolism? Mine is very slow, for some reason I don’t burn calories at the rate a 29 year old should, which makes things interesting when trying to calculate calorie burn while being active.

    • I really like it so far since I think it makes me more aware of how much I am moving around vs. sedentary. Like I said though, the one downfall is that it’s made to measure weight-bearing activities such as walking and running & does not record movements isolated to your arms or legs (i.e. weight lifting). For instance I did 45 minutes of intense strength/cardio/ab intervals and it said I burned 120 cals then I took Lucy for a 15 minute walk and it said I burned the same… so if you do alot of running/walking this would be great as an on point calorie tracker. It takes into account your height & weight initially – then you can program it with other factors such as body weight %, etc. Overall though I definitely think I’ve benefitted from using it since throughout the day I can see what my activity levels are and work towards moving around more! Hope that helps 🙂

  6. Glad to hear the peppers were hit with the man ; )

    Yay for Gruve!!

  7. My mom buys those peppers from Costco all the time and they are so good! Super sweet 🙂

    Those wheat buns would be perfect for a yummy turkey burger too!

  8. Cindy Whitmarsh is hardcore. Love her.

  9. Yay for BFD. And Yay for BFD sandwiches—love it!!

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