To the mountains & back

What the heck, it’s almost Friday already?  I mean, I ain’t complainin’ or nothin’ 😉

An afternoon spent training a group on the “joys” of accounting & software really has a girl coming home tired out! 

I contemplated bailing on a workout, but then I remember that letting Jillian Michaels down is really not where I wanna be (my own personal bully?!) haha.

Yoga MeltDown (Level 1) was in order! 

Yes that would be “rolling side planks”!  FYI – my arms feel like jelloooooooooooo

And fabulous it was 🙂

Now this is no traditional yoga program, but more of using yoga moves in reps to get the heart pumpin’ while also toning the muscles with your own body weight resistance… which is my kinda workout! 

Glorious 😀

So glad I’m not on Jillian’s bad side I bit the bullet and just did my thang.  Sometimes all it takes is just getting off the couch & getting moving to really feel better!

Well I bet you’re all just dying to know where The Man chose to go for his “last supper” tonight 😉

May I present to you:  A Steak Lover’s Dream

I had a feeling a steakhouse was on the agenda, so good job on those of you who hit the mark with that one!


Now I know this is a chain, but it’s actually pretty darn good so I don’t that against it too much 😛

Plus the inside is so cozy with the fireplace & mountain lodge decor that makes up for it’s “chain-ness”

What, you don’t have a large deer mounted on your wall?  Sheesh!

I got myself all presentable-like and decided that this humid VA weather called for a headband kinda night!  Haven’t worn one in forever…

By the fridge, fitting, no?

So back to the food….

The Man loves this Firebirds place, and I had a pretty good idea of what he was going to order before we even went there…. (proof? I started typing this post before we left & didn’t have to modify a thang 😉 )

Bacon wrapped wood grilled filet topped with bleu cheese sauce and port mushrooms and a side of southwestern au gratin potatoes

This pic does the meal no justice, seriously.

I had a bite.  And it was insanely good 🙂

I pretty much knew what I was going to have before we went too…  But that’s bc I’m a food blogger and I read menus and nutrition data in my spare time for fun (don’t pretend like you haven’t done it 😉 )

Grilled Tenderloin Salad

Grilled and sliced beef tenderloin over a bed of mixed greens tossed with bleu cheese crumbles, diced tomatoes and tangy balsamic vinaigrette.

Plus I had this entree last time we went there with a group of my faves (don’t grow moldy as you grow oldy? remember that one LOL?!) & was more than impressed.  I like what I like, ya’ll should know that by know 😉

Well guess I better go tend to McToothy 😉 and watch some good quality tv (Grey’s, Real Housewives, u know?) — oh wait, that would mean risking my life to change the basketball game on tv…

Yea, so about that.

Looks like Lucy Dog and I will be having a girl’s night upstairs tonight! 😛

Have a fabulous evening friends and see you for Friday!


5 responses to “To the mountains & back

  1. I’m such a headband girl, they’re always handy when I don’t wash my hair (tmi?). Sounds like a great “last dinner” for your man!! Best of luck to him today!

  2. Fanatic Mom

    Dinner looks really good. I haven’t been to Firebird’s in a long time.

  3. lowandbhold

    Those rolling side planks really are killer! Thanks for introducing me to that workout 🙂

    Glad the man had a good last meal. Your salad looks awesome!

  4. Oh. My. Word. I am drooling over both of your meals! Is it bad if the first thing I do after Meatless March is over is go eat a big juicy steak??
    Love the cute pic of you! It was super humid in NC last night as well.

  5. Don’t grow moldy as you grow oldy?! That is hilarious!!! Oh I am so growing moldy (and oldy) by the minute.

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