The yin & the yang?

I can’t believe that this week is coming to a close?!  Is it just me or did it flyyy byyy 😛

Last week at this time I was packing up to go to FitBloggin….

This week I am putting my “nurse hat” on to take care of my man since he’s having yet another round of dental surgery that includes metal rods in the gums (yea ouch!)…

As much as I adored FitBloggin & Baltimore, my body is still worn out and in much need of this low-key restful weekend though, so I’m excited 🙂

The yin and the yang?

Speaking of FitBloggin, I have a new product that I got that I have been dying to try out and am hoping to get in the kitchen (hint!) and do so soon!

But alas, it won’t be tonight, since I am taking my man out to a yummy dinner as he will most likely be eating only the 3lb container of cottage cheese for the next few days.

Where should we go, what should kind of food should we eat?  Ahhh the important questions that “plague” one’s workday 😉  Any help bloggies?

Since I am apparently a complete creature of habit, I’ll let you guess what was on the menu for lunch again today LOL.

Spinach & romaine salad w/ peppers, onion, artichoke garlic hummus & raspberry vinaigrette

Sue me.  It’s delicious.

I also had a turkey sammie w/ lettuce, tomato, cucumbers & sweet pickles 🙂

Hoping this will fuel me through this afternoon, it’s gonna be a long one…

If not, chocolate just may be in order.  Well, bc that’s how I roll 😉

Well as I said before, tonight is going to be dinner date night in the fanatic house!  It’s freaking gorgeous outside (hello 70 degrees & sunny) and I want to take advantage before the rain moves in tomorrow (it apparantly didn’t get the “friday memo”?)

I may try to squeeze in a workout too – but we shall see how energy levels are considering we are training folks again today for a couple hours & talking that much about accounting & software drains me! (I know, shocking 😛 )

See you back tonight for a dinner recap & enjoy your “almost Friday”!


13 responses to “The yin & the yang?

  1. Oh, no! I hope the man is back to his usual self, soon. He is in good hands. 🙂

    Have fun tonight and enjoy the beautiful weather! I think it is supposed to get pretty nice next week here.

  2. Is he getting dental implants? I have one. I had my front six teeth broken in a car accident when I was 19 and 20+ years later still dealing with it. Some of them needed root canal’s and now those teeth are dying and require dental implants. It wasn’t a fun process but I have had my dental implant for 10yrs now with no further problems

    • Yep you got it right… I think he is very excited to get it all over with and good to hear that it’s all worked out well for you! Hope you are well Yvette & that you had fun travels to Baltimore 🙂

      • It was such a quick trip but it was fine. I feel so far behind at work for all the recent traveling and from being sick for a couple of days last week. Our brand is growing so fast it requires a lot of work right now. But it is going so great and I love it. Hopefully I can get a few days off in the next week to start packing to move.

  3. Sweet and Fit

    aww, so sorry for ur man – my boy is in dental surgery and the stuff he talks about is scary! =(

    i defintiely am relaxing this weekend, fitbloggin was fun, but a girl needs to put her feet up everyonce in a while

  4. I know if my man couldn’t eat solid food for a few days, his last supper would definitely be at a steakhouse!! Hope his surgery goes well!!

  5. Okay, I think you two deserve a break on the surgery/medical front for awhile, right?! I can’t wait to see where you choose for dinner! Hmmm…I would totally do an italian place because pasta + me = heaven, but that is no surprise there. I’d eat it for every meal, if I could!

  6. lowandbhold

    Oooh girl I’m right there with you… totally worn out! I’m looking forward to some major R&R.

    Hope the man’s dental work goes well!

  7. Oh I love sandwiches. Definitely think Costco peppers are next on the list. Can’t wait to hear about your dinner date!

  8. aw poor dude!!! hope he enjoys his last meal hoooooray.

  9. Love the banana peppers in your salad! Hope you have fun tonight whatever you decide! 😀

  10. I know it is crazy to think that we were just in Baltimore! I want to go back, haha!

  11. I’ve been wanting to try a Jillian Micheals video for a while now, everyone says she kicks serious butt!

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