Gettin’ all crazy-like

Hey hey hey!!

So today I thought I’d share some things other than food, eating & fitness with you friends… how about it?

I know, gettin’ all crazy-like up in this blog?! 😉

I recently took a dangerous to my wallet trip to Ulta, which is a new beauty supply store here in the west end of Richmond…

You see, my normal “beauty routine” is truly pretty minimal.  I use drug store products and not much of them & have always been pretty pleased with the outcome as has my bank account.

However as I continue to get closer to 30 with every passing minute time has gone I was in the market try a new type of powder outside of my “CoverGirl comfort zone” – one that would be more natural, create a “smooth finish” and that maybe even had SPF!

Note:  I normally just wore a light translucent powder, sans foundation.

So after browsing the aisles & looking at my options, I decided that this was going to be the best fit for what I was looking for 😀

PurMinerals 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Foundation w/ SPF 15


Golden Medium

Here were the selling points for this girl:

  • concealer, powder & SPF all in one (*squeal*!)
  • pure mineral pigment bound with organic shea butter & vitamin E
  • no harsh chemical dyes, talcs, alcohol, fragrance, preservatives
  • good for every skin type & condition
  • not tested on animals

Impressive, no?  Well, I was sold.

I absolutely adore this powder.  I use a sponge to apply under my eyes as concealer then I use a makeup brush to apply to the rest of my face.  It feels so good on my skin & it really just gives my face that smooth finish I was looking for!

Pur Minerals

And speaking of makeup brushes, I ended up finding one that I have been so pleased with thus far.

EcoTools Bamboo Blush Brush

Never one to want to shell out big dough for a measley brush – this was right up my alley!  For only about $9 I am not only applying gorgifying makeup but also being good to mother earth 🙂

And thanks to my homegirl Brittany, I now know that this pretty lady is the mastermind behind this product!

I’ll admit, in my early high school years I wanted a wardrobe just. like. hers.  We watched this movie until the tape wore out (tapes, remember those?! LOL :P)

I think she is fabulous, another favorite of mine is Excess Baggage… (Benicio?!)

Ahhh I love “educational” movies 😉

But I digress (hey I never claimed to watch quality shows haha)

So there you have it, some new beauty products that I have been super impressed with.  And I guess as time goes on, along with my eats, even my “beauty routine” is getting more natural 😀   I like!

Well I’m about to devour the remainder of last night’s tenderloin salad from Firebirds – it was huge! (<— insert TWSS joke here)

Then after work it’s off to check on my patient aka The Man!  I’m praying everything goes smoothly and he isn’t in too much pain 😦

He’ll be having cottage cheese or something of the soft/cold nature for dinner – hey, at least I have a lotta meals in that arsenal haha (thank you tonsillectomy!)

But don’t fret, you know I’ll be cooking up a fun solo dinner tonight (I already have some things in mind :P)  Plus I’m going to give one of my FitBloggin goodies a whirl!  But you’ll have to come back to see, of course 😉



11 responses to “Gettin’ all crazy-like

  1. I am pretty basic with the whole makeup routine as well. I like to keep it simple. Although something really odd happens when I get near a makeup/beauty store. I start to go crazy and think that I will use all of these products, but then I never end up using them. 😦

    I do love a wonderful foundation though. I am running low, so I’ll have to hit up Ulta and check this variety out!

    Good get well soon vibes out to your man!

  2. OMG I wore Clueless out too. Loved it! I watched the sitcom too.

    Glad you like the new powder!

  3. Clueless! My BFFs and I used to quote that movie in the notes we would write to each other way back in the day. Too fun!

  4. I love Clueless! I soooo wanted her wardrobe too! For some reason, that movie made me think that my first car was going to be a white jeep. Seriously, I was convinced. Sadly, it’s not. lol.

  5. I looooved Clueless!!!!! Did you watch the TV show too? It was awesome. As were the books. No, I wasn’t obsessed… 😉

  6. Ulta is just as bad as WF for me, I end up dropping SO MUCH MONEY! I have that makeup brush too though, I didn’t know Alicia Silverstone was behind it! I remember watching Clueless in secret because it was PG13 and my parent’s wouldn’t let me. Hope the man feels better soon, and happy Friday!!

  7. GREAT minds think alike – I’m going there tomorrow! Hmm…I was going to get BareMinerals because I ran out, but maybe I will look at this brand instead? I’m always looking for fun new beauty products! (just have no clue what to buy…am totally clueless. And speaking of, I wanted Cher’s wardrobe, too, AND the computer software that matched her outfits!)

  8. Thanks for sharing about this makeup love seeing what others use!

  9. I have such a basic makeup routine… foundation, eye liner, mascara. donezo. Sometimes I add bronzer in to the mix if I’m feeling EXTRA adventurous.

  10. Oh goodness, I would probably spend my life savings in ULTA…thanks for the recommendation!

  11. I totally forgot about Excess Baggage, I used to love that movie.

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