ICBINB Fridge Makeover & Indian round #2!

Happy Sunday night friends!  I can’t believe the weekend flew by so darn fast?!

Speaking of I can’t believe, how about a bit shout out to my friends over at I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter for hookin’ a sista up with this Fun Fridge Makeover Kit!

The kit included:  ICBINB grocery bag, grocery note pad, cleaning sponge, disposable camera & grocery gift card.

As part of their Reach Right campaign, ICBINB is dedicated to encouraging healthier lifestyles and healthier food choices. The Reach Right mantra is a reminder that healthier foods and recipes are doubly satisfying when they taste great. Enjoying nutritious foods helps you choose them more often. Veggies with lots of fresh herbs and flavor. Succulent fresh fruit. Nutty whole grain muffins. These are great examples of foods that satisfy your cravings and your drive to do the best for your health.

Here are a few steps and supporting links to get you on the fast track to a happy, healthy fridge and a better health and better tasting food regimen:

  1. Start with a clean-out! http://www.ehow.com/how_92_clean-refrigerator.html
  2. Fill it with fresh, healthy food http://www.eatright.org/Public/content.aspx?id=206
  3. Start cooking with the fresh taste of butter, the healthier way http://www.icantbelieveitsnotbutter.com/Recipes/

So that’s what I did!

Want a peak inside the Fanatic Fridge “before”?  Okayyyyy here goes… but cut me some slack, I hadn’t been grocery shopping in a week 😛



What we have here is a very empty veg drawer, lots of beer (I blame Beer of the Month Club haha) and eggs, bacon for this morning’s brunch, lotsa cheese and some other random tidbits..

Next I got to cleanin’!

And then it was time forrrrr – the shopping!  Why was that my favorite part, hmmmmmm? 😉

Following some of the guidelines, I set out to fill ‘er up with some fresh & healthy fruits, veggies, whole grains, dairy and other healthy options.  Successful shopping you think?


Let’s break it down, shall we?


But that’s not it, how about the non-fridge items?

  • bananas
  • tomato
  • lemon
  • potatoes
  • garlic
  • brown basmati rice
  • black beans
  • lentils
  • healthy canned goods

How do you think I did?

Okay well if I haven’t convinced you yet, let’s get to cooking shall we 🙂

I stumbled across this recipe in the new issue of Cooking Light and knew that it was something I just had to try out!

Curried Vegetable Samosas with Cilantro-Mint Chutney

Here we go!

First up was preparing the chutney, which involved the use of these friends…


Guess that recent cilantro & mint plant purchase came in handy already!

All blended up in the blender you have one flavorful combo!

Then it was time to make the filling, which I did more or less per the directions in the recipe 😉  A pinch here & there, you know how I roll…

The fresh mint combined with the curry & cumin smelled INSANE!  I also used a pat of my ICBNB obvi 😛

Assembly line time!

Let’s rock & roll 😉


Then a quick cook with some cooking spray and here you have it!

The flavors were so light & complex, I don’t know that I’ve ever had anything like this however all I want to do is keep eating it haha!  This was FABULOUS 😀

The spicy pepper, tangy onion and fresh mint/cilantro/ginger combo in the chutney was outta this world.  Paired with a slightly crisp curry & veggie filled wonton —>  heaven in my mouf!

If you are feeling inspired friends, I would highly recommend this recipe.  It was seriously outta control!

Good thing I have a few leftovers too… 😉

Alright well time to go relax and get ready for yet another work week.  At least mine will be filled with delicious Indian samosas, right?

Enjoy your night!


10 responses to “ICBINB Fridge Makeover & Indian round #2!

  1. Our fridge needs some serious cleaning over here! Mike cleaned it out a month ago, but I may have gotten it a bit messy… oops!

    I saw that recipe and thought it looked promising. Now I know to flag it. 🙂 Thanks for being my taste tester! Have a wonderful evening my dear!

  2. I totally expected you to have a much fuller fridge in the after. You cook up so many unique things I don’t know how you do it from the items you have. Your freezer must be jammed packed.

    • Nope, the freezer only has a few leftovers and veggies in it! I really buy as I need, so never end up with a lot of extras on hand… keeps the grocery bill down 🙂 Plus pantry items are a great basis for many meals too!

  3. I actually really enjoy cleaning out the fridge!! I’m wierd, i know. Those samosas look delish, I’m always so intimidated by wraps but you made them perfectly!!

  4. Nice! Isn’t that kit they sent AWESOME! Love the folks at ICBINB! You did a great job with the fridge clean out and tasty recipe. I am hoping this week goes by fast too 😉 Hooray for you and a four day week!!

  5. Wonderful looking samosas! you had me drooling over the mint and cilantro, love both of those flavors sooo much!

  6. lowandbhold

    I want those samosas right now! So cool that you made them yourself!!

    I love having a bright, healthy, fresh fridge. It puts a smile on my face every time I open the door 🙂

  7. Gosh, I really need to clean my fridge…it’s so neglected!

    Your dinner looks amazing….I ❤ cilantro.

  8. I need to clean out our fridge soooo badly! This is a good reminder…on the list of to do’s for the week 🙂

    Those samosas look delish!

  9. Samosas look amazing! Mint YUM! Cleaning fridge such fun times! HAHA

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