Out of this galaxy good!

Have you tried Galaxy Granola?

So you probably all know that I am participating in a lil’ movement called Fruit Not Fat 🙂

Fruit Not Fat started as a healthier way to make granola. By substituting applesauce for oil, the company wase able to make granola with half the fat and calories while still maintaining the delicious flavor .

After some “experimenting” in their small bakery, they realized Fruit Not Fat is much more than just healthy granola. It is a movement, a lifestyle, and a recipe for a happier and healthier life!

Check out their site for more details & delicious recipes 🙂

For a snack this morning I sprinkled some of this Vanilla Almond Granola on my lemon yogurt…

This was delicious!  I really liked the flavor of this granola, the large almonds mixed throughout really added to it as well.  I can definitely see this becoming part of my normal eats!

Check out the ingredient list, phenomenal 😀

And here’s a sneak peak at the nutrition as well, which you can see is much better than your “average granola”

Galaxy Granola                                 “Average Granola” (we won’t name names here 😉 )


Winner winner!

Well after another busy day at work (it’s been one of those weeks) I plan on going home and “relaxing” in the kitchen!

On the menu tonight is tofu round 2 —> Indian style!  I mean, come on, how else?! (I have an addiction)? 😛

And don’t forget that you have until this Friday to enter my GIVEAWAY!!

Happy Wednesday to ya friends! 🙂



13 responses to “Out of this galaxy good!

  1. I cannot get enough of this granola! Especially the not sweet vanilla (its my fav!). Enjoy your day 😉

  2. I keep seeing that granola on the blogworld but have yet to get my hands on it! It sounds awesome, I’ll have to keep an eye out next time I’m at WF. Happy hump day chica!!

  3. Interesting video on commercial small batch handmade granola

  4. I can’t wait to see what your going to make tonight!!

  5. This granola sounds right up my alley!

    Oh, and can’t wait to see what you do tonight with the tofu! I have some at home, I may need to copy you. 🙂

  6. lowandbhold

    I’m totally intrigued by that granola. It sounds awesome!

  7. I have not tried it but I would LOVE to!!!

  8. Galaxy granola is everywhere these days! I still have yet to try it though. I haven’t had granola in forever!

  9. Looks SO good!! Would love to try it. But isn’t the Galaxy Granola 1/4 cup serving?

  10. Gosh, I wish I could find/try this stuff – I LOVE granola and this stuff looks so good for you!

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