Glorious!  That pretty much sums up the end of my day today 😀

81 degrees and the sun a shinin’ upon stepping outside for the first time since 8:50am and it couldn’t have felt better!

It’s the weekend, rejoice! 😉 

So without a set dinner plan in mind tonight, and with not much motivation to spend extensive amounts of time in the kitchen on this gorgeous night, I set out to make a “smorgasboard” of easy eats for the Fanatics tonight 🙂

First up we have sweet potato & coconut wrappers, made with the leftover Nasoya egg roll wraps!

All I did for these was microwave the sweet potato for about 5 minutes, until done.

Then sautéed the onion & garlic in 1 tsp coconut oil until translucent.

Using my another of my favorite kitchen tools, Mr. Immersion Blender, I pureed the sweet potato, onion, garlic, 1 tsp coconut cream concentrate and a splash of vanilla almond milk…

Don’t forget this is the last day to enter to win coconut goodness of your very own!

Then got to wrapping!  Cut the wraps in half diagonally then placed a spoonful of the “filling” in the center.

Coated the edges with some H2O so they’d stick, then folded in half and pressed edges with a fork

And made a pretty purse outta them by simply folding the corner edges in! 

Yea yea yea, it’s no Louis Vuitton 😉

I also decided to make some marinara & fresh parm wrappers for Mr. Man 🙂

Same folding method applies.

Placed on a baking sheet covered with cooking spray, and a quick spray on top too…

And into a 425F oven for approximately 15 minutes, but check ’em after 10 and see how they’re progressing.  You want them to get a nice brown crust!

Yep, will be making these again.  They would be perfect for a party and I thought they were fabulous!

We also had some shrimp, of the healthy vari-ah-tay (hey, they’re good alright haha)

And of course the meal wouldn’t have been complete without a salad….

Okay, I lie, really what completes the meal is this 😛

Happy hour was had… and will be had… so there!  Celebrating some fun things tonight too, but can’t let ’em go just yet, hope you understand.

Alright, I think there’s some UNC Bball action in my near future (it’s “our” team LOL) and then Real Housewives (more importantly, obviously) 😛

Enjoy your night friends!


10 responses to “Glorious!

  1. Hmmm, just throwing this out there, is there a ring on your finger???

  2. I agree, today was GLORIOUS!! Love the vino- perfect way to celebrate the amazing weather. Hope you have a great Friday girl!!

  3. Delicious! Coconut wrappers sound heavenly 🙂 And of course the glass of wine!!!

  4. Another housewives fan! Awesome.

  5. Sweet potato wrappers = genius!

  6. Those look so fun to make! MUCH better than folding, say, laundry.

    Congrats on whatever you’re celebrating! 🙂

  7. Yay for this gorgeous weather!

    Those wraps look a little too easy to make 🙂

  8. Those wrappers look fantastic! I am drooling!

  9. Wow! This looks delicious! You did such a nice job of showing us how to wrap.

    Abby – Nasoya

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