A Family Affair

Hey friends! 

Well it’s “Friday” on this side of town and I couldn’t picture a more glorious day 🙂

Check out the work wears today…

Oh yes, that would be bare legs & sandals (pass this lady the self-tanner? pedicure maybe? haha)

But it was 60 degrees upon walking into work this morning and is supposed to get up to the low 80’s, so it had to be done 😛


You may have gathered this about me, but I am a warm weather baby.  I hate snow/cold and would live in the tropics over the north any day.  Something about the sunshine and warmth that really makes me a happier person! 😀

On the lunch front was, you guessed it, Indian leftovers!

Wayyyy prettier last night, k? 😉

I also had some more Galaxy Granola atop a yogurt. 

I am lovin’ this stuff!

So here’s some fun stuff for you… our Accounting Executive is from India and I’ve been telling him about alot of these recipes I’ve been preparing lately. 

Well what do you know, he has given me so many suggestions on new-to-me Indian foods to try!  He even hooked me up with the location of his favorite authentic Indian store here in town and guess where we are headed this weekend!! 🙂

I couldn’t be more excited 😀

To make things even better, Fanatic Lil’ Sis is showing her beautiful face this weekend and coming home from college to visit us ‘old folks’! 

Kim Lane

Smart & beautiful, I am so proud 🙂

I haven’t seen her since Christmas break and I miss her dearly!

So uhhhh, guess who’s coming to the Indian store with me too 😉 

Oh yes, and don’t forget Fanatic Mom, you know she’ll be there too.  It’s gonna be a family affair!

And remember, you have 1 more day to enter this fabulous GIVEAWAY!! 🙂

Coconut Cream Concentrate - 32 oz.

Enjoy your Thursday (or “Friday” if that’s the case)!!

And don’t worry, no April Fool’s jokes to be found here friends… my friends & family already know how gullible I can be so this holiday really gets me riled up haha 😛

Do you enjoy playin’ a good April Fool’s joke?


8 responses to “A Family Affair

  1. I am a warm weather baby myself which is why I love Texas weather. Cute sandals! Where can I get me a pair?

  2. I LOVE your sandals!! So, so cute. I’m rockin’ sandals today, too – my toes are lovin’ it! So exciting that your sister is coming to visit. I actually thought that was you in the pic at first and thought, cute shirt! 🙂

  3. Yayyy for warmth! I wore a skirt and open toed shoes today toooooo. Fabulous. I could never go back to living in the cold/cold. Great leftovers and cant wait to see your new Indian creations.

  4. Yayyyy for warm weather, early Fridays, and delish leftovers. Hope you’re having a good one woman!

    Ps April fools is my FAV “holiday” and my boyfriend sees right through all my tricks 😦 no fun!!!

  5. Yes yeah for warm weather, I agree totally would much rather be too hot than too cold. That is why I live in Florida but to me it was even cold here this winter. So jealous though we are not off tomorrow.

  6. I’m rocking the bare legs/shorts today too!! I’m definitely a summer girl too, the cold makes me miserable! Have fun with your sis this weekend 🙂

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