Around the world!

Hello friends!

Well it’s been another busy day here, but oh so fabulous 😀

Before Fanatic Momma & Sis came over for our shopping adventure, I made a quick trip to Tom Leonards this morning to pick up some veggies for my contribution to tomorrow’s Easter Dinner.

I couldn’t resist this beautiful purple kale either, kale chips here I come (it’s about time?!)

I also threw together a quick salad to fuel me through our foodie adventure!

Spring mix, fresh salsa, avocado and black bean dip (Whole Foods – ahmayzing) 🙂

Once the girls arrived it was time to get moving on our “trip around the world”!!

First up, the Indian pastry… we didn’t even know that this would be next door to the Indian grocery and boy what a gem!


You could also order other foods off their fantastic menu.

The food was phenomenal (of course we had to try something!)


Baked vegetable samosa and some sort of spicy potato cakes both served with tamarind sauce & mint sauce.  SO GOOD.

After enjoying those delicious treats it was time to head next door to the Indian grocery!  Oh we were in food heaven, it was fascinating.



There were also numerous fruits & veggies that I had never seen or heard of before, I love learning about new foods… !!

So you want to see a few of the purchases?  I can’t give ’em all away, but you’ll definitely be seeing them as I use them in various meals 😉


  • Tamarind concentrate (tamarind is phenomenal if you haven’t tried it)
  • Sweet mango pickle (this was the recommended brand)
  • Fresh mango (have you ever seen a yellow mango? not me!)
  • Punjabi mix (lentils, beans, cashews, peanuts, raisins, spices)

And some more surprises!  😛

Next on the “menu” was the Mediteranean Bakery & Deli where they had so many treats!

Fanatic Mom got some homemade baklava, but they also had every Mediteranean treat you could ask for including stuffed grape leaves.  Sorry no pics, it was crowded guys 😦

Last stop was the Latino Market!

Fresh fruits & veggies including tamarind… ever seen it?  Guess you’ve gathered that it’s used in both Indian & Mexican cuisine (fun fact for the day?!)


And so many tropical juices…


Of course there were some purchases here too 😉

They also have prepared food as well, which I have read some pretty rave reviews on the authenticity of… maybe next time?!

So needless to say it was just a wonderful day spent with the Fanatic ladies – we all share the same passion for food and being together during adventures like this is one of my fave ways to spend time together 🙂  Plus I love seeing my sister and I wish she didn’t live so far away… but I know it’s not forever!

Well we have some dinner plans on the menu, however homeboy is asleep on the couch after working all day so they probably won’t be until later…

Guess I’ll mix up a lil’ happy hour concoction with some of my purchases until then 😉

I’ll be back in the morning with a dinner recap (hint:  tamarind) and hope each of you has a fabulous Saturday night!


8 responses to “Around the world!

  1. Fanatic Mom

    …and let’s not forget that Sis and I dropped you off after our trip “around the world” and had lunch at Anokha. The food and the service were excellent! We both started with a lime coconut soup and then went our different ways…vegetarian for the Sis and a chicken dish for me. We topped it all off with baklava when we got home.

  2. Very cool! I love learning about foods from other countries!
    Kale chips..YUM!

  3. When I was out and about running this morning I ran by an Indian restaurant and out loud said ‘STEPH!’. 🙂 I then told Mike we had to go there sometime soon!

  4. I love Tamarind and Mango, grew up eating them (I’m from Honduras). Never knew they were used in Indian cuisine. It’s amazing how different regions use a lot of the same spices and flavors, yet they taste so different.

  5. Kaaaaaale! Yum! Is that an Ataulfo mango?! Sure hope so, they melt in your mouth like buttah!!

  6. lowandbhold

    That sounds like such a fun day! I’d love to do that with my family!

  7. You are becoming such a little around the world eater! I love it. I haven’t been adventurous enough to try indian yet but I really need to…

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