What do you think?

Is it Thursday already?!  Heck yea! 😀

So last night while doing some ‘electronic reading’ in bed, I came across a tweet that caught my attention. 

It referred to an article that was written by a FitBloggin attendee and one that I found to be a very interesting read.

Is Food Photojournaling Really Just Disordered Eating in Disguise?

My thoughts?

Although I can see food blogging as a mechanism that may cause one with a history of disordered eating to revert to obsessive and unhealthy habits, I can also see using it as a way of “recovery” of sorts.  Using it as a tool to hold oneself accountable.  But I think that this refers to those food bloggers that showcase each and every one of their eats, which is not what the whole food blog world includes…

Personally, I don’t photograph everything I eat… nor will I ever.  There are many snacks, chocolates, glasses of wine and the such that I enjoy but since this is not a food journal, I don’t find the need to post them.  This is not a diet blog, but one where friends can come for healthy recipes and fun food ideas along with fitness.  And I think many food blogs are the same way too!

So there’s my two cents, for whatever it’s worth!  And if you have an interest in food blogging, which I am sure many of you do since you are reading a food blog and all 😉 I would highly recommend reading this write up too.

What do you friends think about food blogging and it’s role in disordered eating?

Well lunch eats today included a leftovers from last night, which looked way prettier last night so excuse the imposter pics!


Fiesta Black Bean Burger w/ cheese, Mac N’Cheese, Side Salad w/ raspberry vinaigrette

Quite delicious if I may say so myself 😀

After this day of meetings galore is over plans are to do a yoga workout with my beloved Aurorae mat (see my review here) after work and then cook up an undecided dinner… hmmm we shall see what the night brings!

Speaking of the fabulous Aurorae yoga mat, if you want to get your hands on one then there may be an OpenSky deal coming your way soon at my shop! 😉 

And if you haven’t heard, Caitlin over at HealthyTippingPoint is going to be featured on the Oprah Network for Operation Beautiful!  I had the chance to meet her at FitBloggin and she is definitely a chill, down to earth girl so I couldn’t be happier for her 🙂 Check out this video on Wall Street Journal site for more!


8 responses to “What do you think?

  1. I can definitely see how people think that food blogging is a form of disordered eating, but for me, it couldn’t be more the opposite. Since starting my blog, I’ve started to branch out and appreciate so many new types of foods…even after “recovering” from my ED, I was still eating the same meals nearly every day, with minor variations. Now, I’m no longer afraid to try new things! Plus, it does hold me accountable. On my bad days when I have urges to restrict, I remind myself that eating is natural and I need to fuel my body, otherwise my bloggie friends will notice and let me know that I need to eat more. Great topic!!

  2. I definitely need to read up on this article. But like you, my blog is more of an outlet to talk about food, fitness, random thoughts, spark conversations, etc.

    I love food, and everything and anything about it, but like you, I do not photograph everything I eat, either. Because let’s be honest, there is a lot of chocolate/sugar consumption, some soda drinking, wine, etc., that goes unphotographed. But hey, then again, we are normal people. 🙂

  3. I can definitely see how a food blog can go both ways. I can see how it might help someone who is overweight to lose weight, or even someone who is just trying to share yummy food. But also, I blogged all of my food only for like 5 days and it drove me nuts! I don’t want to think about what other people will think about my food – I just wanna eat it. 😉 That said, I do love to read food blogs – they have GREAT ideas and are far more creative than I’ll ever be in the kitchen (like you, girlie!).

  4. For me food blogging has ONLY improved my relationship with food and my body image. The encouragement I receive from my supportive fellow food bloggers and readers has been just what I needed to get me headed in the right direction. Plus I get tons of great recipes every day!!

    But on the other hand, I can see how food blogs could make girls feel inadequate if they start comparing themselves to other people. I think the biggest thing for everyone to remember is that we’re all different and just because Susie Q only had a salad for dinner, doesn’t mean that I was bad for having a steak and baked potato.

  5. I really should have included boys in there… I feel so sexist! But seriously, I’m sure there are boys out there that read food blogs as well and are tempted to compare themselves as well.

  6. Thanks for sharing my post. I really so appreciate hearing all sides of the story!

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