Beach inspired dinner!

Phew whata day!

But before I wrap up our Wilmington trip for ya, I must tell you guys that dinner tonight (which we just finished at 9pm!) was absolutely one of the best that has been served in the Fanatic household yet 😀

Lil’ teaser perhaps?

Yes, I have officially outdone myself.

So after I talked with you friends last I went and checked out the hotel’s breakfast situation.  Let’s just say that this lil’ lady got her $5.00 worth haha 😉


Oats, banana, yogurt and fruit for her.  Danish for him.  English muffin for the road.  Score!

Then we set out for our trek home… which got a big thumbs down in my book (whoa 4 hour drive) 😛

Good thing there was at least some interesting scenery?

The pickle college?  I love North Carolina 😀

The Man was in charge of the bus

And thanks to him we made it home safely!

But not gonna lie, we were a tired crew…

However I adored Wilmington, and we have a great place to stay next time we go back (which will be very soon!) 😀

We finally got home around 3pm and were ready to relax.  But not before a quick swing by Elwood Thompsons on our way in for some much needed veggies!

So freaking good after peanut butter & banana “car rescue” sammiches.  I don’t “do” lunch at 3pm haha 😉

And I guess we may have been a bit “too ready” to relax too because the both of us woke up in a daze around 6:30pm after a 2 hour nap!  Who does that?  I think that lil’ excursion took more out of us than we realized 😛

Of course when we woke up we immediately had to decide what to do for dinner too (priorities people!)

Since I am off tomorrow, the grocery shop is planned for then, which left us pretty free tonight… and the both of us just knew that after that beach trip we were craving some good ol’ seafood!!!

So off to Whole Foods we went to purchase these fabulous goodies

This tuna steak was gorgeous, check it out

Marinated in a quick & simple soy/ginger/garlic combo

  • 1/4 cup San-J soy sauce
  • 1/2 tblsp ginger
  • 1 clove garlic, chopped

And left to rest for a lil’ while in the fridge before cooking.

There were also some jumbo shrimp on the menu, guess our ‘Shrimp on the Barbie’ adventure yesterday left us wanting more?!

Gorgeous jumbo shrimp.

A mixture of 1 tblsp olive oil and sprinkling of Old Bay and we were in business!

I pulled out the trusty cast iron grill and got to work.

Schrimps & Tuna (rare for her, cooked through for him – dislike haha)


To go with we had his & hers baked potatoes

  • Baked potato w/ sour cream & fresh chives (from our new herb garden!) for him
  • Baked sweet potato with salsa & sour cream for her


This new salsa I found is delicious!

Of course I needed some “veg” (Jamie Oliver anyone?) in my life too, and steamed broccoli is the perfect side dish for any seafood dinner in my book 🙂

Guess I should show the “finished product” huh?

Get ready for this, because it was seriously OUTTA CONTROL INSANELY GOOD!

Her plate

His plate

Shrimps for sharin’!

No words.

So good.

Well I better go, time to go catch up on your fabulous weekends via GoogleReader then it’s off to bed!  Oh yes, did I mention that tomorrow is the “new Sunday” for me this week?  Oh yea, no work. Totally necessary vacation day 😀

And I also have something fun planned for the afternoon post too friends!

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!


11 responses to “Beach inspired dinner!

  1. You are my hero for cooking such awesome-looking tuna steaks. I’d be petrified, but yours turned out perfectly! Glad you had a good weekend, hope you enjoy your Monday!

  2. You cooked an amazing meal like that, after a road trip?! Girl, you rock!! Enjoy your, um…Saturday night tonight then? 🙂

  3. That looks amazing!! I love seafood and shrimp with Old Bay is the BOMB! Glad you had a nice trip! 😉

  4. Those tuna steaks were grilled to perfection! Love the his and hers difference!

  5. lowandbhold

    Tuna is one of my favorite fish. Yum! Glad your trip was awesome!

  6. Today is our Sunday too, enjoy.

  7. major props to you for making such a fab meal after your trip. When I got home from Florida the other night my “dinner” consisted of peanut butter, toast, and animal crackers. Tres gourmet, no?

  8. Glad you had a great trip to the beach!! I have not been to the beach in so long ; (

    Your dinner looks fabulous!!

  9. Sweet and Fit

    your tuna looks amazing! my boy likes his cooked through and i like mine rare as well =)

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