Yoga Mat Special!

Happy Monday friends!

I got up bright and early (8am?) to the sun shining and 60 degree temps… it was glorious 🙂

After Mr. Man headed out to work I got the grocery list ready and headed out to get ‘er done.  Let’s just say that shopping on a Monday morning is so stress free, wish I could do this every week!

But alas, I can not.  So I shall just enjoy it for now…

Speaking of enjoying, that’s just what I did with this fabulous fresh lunch!

Gathered up some fresh veggies & other fun sammie ingredients


All together now!

A few leftover grilled shrimp + broccoli to go alongside 🙂

It’s amazing how delicious the indoor cast iron grill makes food taste!

Can I eat lunch from home everyday? 

Alright friends, I know I told you there would be something fun on CookinFanatic today…. so here we go! 😀

Aurorae Yoga Mat Special!

Ya’ll know how much I love to incorporate yoga into my weekly exercise routine, from YogaWorks Body Slim to Yoga MeltDown, it is just fabulous for toning & strengthening & improving flexibility.

And there is only one yoga mat that I ever use anymore…


Aurorae Yoga Mat

This mat is fabulous, it’s extra long & thick and just molds to your body as you move.  You can see my review a while back here.

Check out the thickness vs. the other “average” mat 😀

Well guess what friends?  If you’re interested in getting your very own Aurorae yoga mat too then check out my OpenSky shop for a great deal on this product…

$5 off for a price of only $25!!


Just enter the code 5ForYoga for your $5 off deal.

Coupon is good all week long through Friday, April 16th!

And guess what, you won’t find it anywhere else on the internet for that wallet friendly price! 😛

So if you’re looking for a superior yoga mat & one that will make your practice the best it can be, I would totally recommend giving Aurorae a try.

Have a great day and see you back tonight!  We have another Indian food adventure on the menu 😉


7 responses to “Yoga Mat Special!

  1. Ahhh I am drooling over that shrimp! I still need to try the bagel thins…

  2. I wish I could shop on Monday mornings, too!!

  3. Sounds like a great yoga mat! I’m not a big yoga person, so I usually use the mats at the studio if I’m going to take a class, but if I ever get into it I’ll keep this in mind!!

    I love eating meals from home too…so much more relaxing than packing it up!

  4. Those yoga mats really do look amazing! And I’m dying to try those bagel thins. 🙂

  5. lowandbhold

    I’d love to have Mondays off every week for grocery shopping lol. Glad you enjoyed it!!

  6. Broccoli was on my list today too! I’m addicted to Lululemon’s yoga mat’s, though this one is very tempting and thick. Did that sound weird???!

  7. I am obsessed with my aurorae.. best yoga mat I’ve ever downward-dogged on 🙂

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