Giveaway Time!

So are you ready for a giveaway?! I know I sure am 😉

Remember that lil’ conference I went to last month, FitBloggin?

Well the folks at Thriv Natural Performance were kind enough to hook us up with one of their fabulous t-shirts while we were there & I must tell you that I fell immediately in love 🙂

ThrivNP has come up with a solution to non-synthetic workout wear with their flex-fiv (patented technology), that transforms bamboo and cotton to deliver 5 benefits:

  1. wicking
  2. comfort
  3. SPF
  4. anti-odor
  5. breathability 

This fabric “drapes like silk and feels like cashmere”…

Folks, I will attest to the fact that this is one of the softest, most comfortable pieces of workout clothing (or clothing of any kind) that I have put on my body.  Hands down.

In addition, the fabric allows for maximum air flow and temperature regulation, draws perspiration from the skin and wicks moisture to keep you dry and odor free plus offers natural UV protection! 

Awesome, no?

So you want one do ya? 😛

The kind friends at ThrivNP have offered to giveaway one of their performance crew tshirts to one lucky CookinFanatic reader! (see ladies’ here and men’s here)

Here’s how you can enter 🙂

  1. Follow Thriv on twitter @thrivnp and leave me a comment below telling me you’ve done so.
  2. Subscribe to Thriv’s monthly newsletter thriv1st and leave a comment below telling me you’ve done so.
  3. Leave me a comment below telling me your favorite way to get your exercise on!

(P.S. Thriv gives away 50 shirts a month to the people on the newsletter list, so those that don’t win this giveaway have another chance!)

I’ll randomly select a winner next Monday, April 19th! 🙂

Cutoff will be 5pm Monday.

And before I get back to work, here’s a Wilmington weekend snapshot for ya, have a fabulous Tuesday friends!

Such a tough guy, right 😉


61 responses to “Giveaway Time!

  1. Fun giveaway! I’m following them on Twitter!

  2. I follow thrivnp on twitter as @cygirl88

  3. You guys are a good looking couple! I followed them on twitter, tried to sign up for the newsletter but it gave me an error on my zip code.

  4. I subscribed to Thriv’s monthly newsletter!!

  5. What a fun giveaway! I am in desperate need of new workout tees. For REAL!

    I’m following them on Twitter…and you, too, now! (Didn’t realize you tweeted – where’ve I been?!!)

  6. lowandbhold

    I LOVE my thriv shirt. I follow them on Twitter.

  7. lowandbhold

    I subscribed to the newsletter!

  8. I’m following them on twitter! The shirt sounds amazing!

  9. Love the post! That pink looks great on you.

    Excited to have you all as friends and followers.

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  11. Signed up to follow Thrivnp on Twitter – shirt looks awesome.

  12. Signed up for the Thrivnp Newsletter!

  13. My favorite exercise is the Bosu Balance Trainer! That shirt is so cute. And who doesn’t love comfort when exercising.

  14. cookeatburn

    Alrighty… all signed up for the newsletter 🙂

  15. cookeatburn

    And I have to say running for my favorite exercise, just because it takes no planning and I can pretty much do it anywhere :).

  16. Is it unfair for me to enter your giveaway? I hope not, because I would love another thriv shirt!!

    I love running and yoga!

  17. ❤ you girlie! Applied for the newsletter

  18. Favorite way to get my exercise on- either group fitness (attack, step, pump!!) or running outside 🙂

  19. Hiking is my favorite thing. If I could do that every day, I would!

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  21. I am following them!!

  22. ANnnnnd. Right now I am loving my gyms cardio circuit classes & lifting weights!!

  23. My favorite way to stay fit is running outside when it’s nice out 🙂

  24. Following @thrivnp on twitter

  25. I love working out with the Wii. Fun and exercise at the same time!

  26. I’m following on Twitter!
    I’ve subscribed to the newsletter!
    I love to ride by bike & swim! I run too, but I don’t love it so much!!

  27. I Subscribe to Thriv’s monthly newsletter

  28. Even though I’m giving away a Thriv shirt as well, I really, really want another one! Is that wrong? 🙂 My favorite form of exercise is running! And it sucks that I can’t run right now 😦

  29. My favorite form of exercise is a nice long walk with my husbands and pups.

  30. Following @thrivnp on twitter – @JJsVinBlanc

  31. and I just subscribed to the newsletter.

  32. I’d love to win this T. I like to do group classes at my gym. The instructors really push us and keep us motivated, but without the high price tag of a personal trainer!

  33. i love to get my exercise on by running and doing walking lunges!

  34. and just subscribed to their newsletter! 🙂

  35. My favorite way to get in exercise, is first to make sure that I am enjoying myself and then to get myself to workout, I have found a few classes at the gym that I really like and go Mon – Fri right after i get done with school, so that I dont come home and talk myself out of it!! 🙂

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  37. Carolyn Barnett

    Hi there,I follow on twitter as carolynishis

  38. Carolyn Barnett

    I sbscribe via email as

  39. Carolyn Barnett

    I subscribe via email as

  40. Carolyn Barnett

    I like to walk up and down the stairs a lot.

  41. I am now following thriv on twitter, and my favorite way to exercise is to run, all you need is a pair of shoes but that cute shirt would make it even more fun!

  42. These shirts must really be great because everyone who went to Fitblogger keeps talking about them! OK, I’ll take a chance at winning one.

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  44. I am now a follower on Twitter!

  45. I signed up for their newsletter. My favorite ways to burn up calories are running and kickboxing!

  46. I follow Thriv on Twitter.


  47. I subscribe to Thriv’s newsletter.

  48. My favorite way to workout is group exercise classes…although I’m falling in love with running.

  49. Running and weight training is how I get my exercise kicks!!

  50. I love body pump – definitely my favorite… closely followed by yoga with my favorite instructor. 🙂

  51. I’m following Thriv!

  52. And my favorite way to workout is running–so simple.

  53. I just subscribed to their monthly newsletter.

  54. Biking is my favourite!

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  57. My favorite way to exercise is swimming! Full-body workout, plus gives you a chance to really focus on breathing evenly.

  58. I’m also subscribed!

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