Sweet Ginger Chili Sauce win!

Howdy partners?!  😛

How goes it?

I must tell you that my lunch out today was fabulous, I wish I had brough my camera too bc my new boss is super cool and was totally into the blogging thing when I told her about it! 🙂

I ended up getting a cilantro lump crab salad served w/ fresh avocado.  Heavenly. 

Hello stand in, you will have to do for now 😛

We also got out of work a bit early thanks to street closing downtown (hello traffic jams) for a rush hour tax rally… apparantly a group of tax protestors are making their way around (called the Tea Party Express Tour) and Richmond is their next stop on the “tour.” 

So I took full advantage of the early dismissal and got in a slammin’ workout once I got home…!

Kendall Hogan Boot Camp Calorie Burn

+ Jillian Michaels Metabolism Boost (20 min version)

= thighs are burnin’

Holy mackeral, the K.Hogan routine isn’t extremely challenging but gets your body just tired enough to really feel the pain during the J.M. routine!  Loved the back to back action 😛

Then it was onto some dinner!

I couldn’t wait to try this sauce that I picked up a few days ago, how cute is the bottle, I mean seriously?! 

The ginger man is carrying the chili pepper man, I love it 😀


The Ginger People Sweet Ginger Chili Sauce

Stephanie = food marketer’s dream example #1034 😉

Anywho, good thing I have a knack for picking out purty things at random stores haha, this sure did NOT disappoint!

I let 2 small chopped chicken breasts marinade in 3 tblsp of this sauce for about an hour before “wok-in” it up…

Then I gathered the veggies to go with, frozen stir-fry mix & peas plus fresh sliced onions & garlic (not until very end), added them to the wok with 1 tblsp of my fave coconut oil and cooked until browned a bit.


P.S. Coconut oil smells amazinggggg while cooking, I love it every time!

And speaking of frozen veggies, can you believe all the controversy stirring up around Whole Foods frozen veg that are produced in China and marketed as “organic” when they don’t fall under the same standards as in the US?!  I don’t know what to think about it all quite yet to be honest…. but I digress.

Then it was the chicken’s turn, which I cooked using the same method.

Check out how gorgeously “toasty” this chicken got thanks to the sauce, holy yum!

To round out the meal we had some brown basmati rice, which if you remember I made just a few short nights ago and guess what, made alot of extra which went straight to the freezer!

Easy peasy and ready for using anytime (take that 50 minute cook time!)

Let’s mix ’em all together, what the heck?!

Shhhh want to know a lil’ secret?  I hate water chestnuts (and so does The Man, what are the chances?) and I pick them out of every stir fry mix bc nothing makes me more angry than biting into 1 and getting that weird textural surprise… it’s just my thing I guess?

We both agreed that this chili ginger sauce was one of the best we’ve had!  Loved this dish, seriously so freaking good 🙂

Plus I love that The Man loved it, and had no cares in the world that he was eating (1) brown rice and (2) mostly veggies and couldn’t have been happier!  Win.

I also had a salad to go alongside, are you surprised?  As the temps climb I tend to have salad at almost every meal, I just crave it intensely for some reason!?

Twinsies – I prepped tomorrow’s lunch too – win!

Romaine & red leaf, roasted red peppers, tomato, cucumber, onion & black olives

What a perfect day.  Now if you don’t mind, I’m off for some Real Housewives and other educational programs 😉

P.S. If you haven’t heard me say it 2,348 times by now, get your booty over to the ThrivNP giveaway and enter why don’t ya?!  😛


10 responses to “Sweet Ginger Chili Sauce win!

  1. i hate water chestnuts too!!! i ended up getting barefoot sauv. blanc and it was good! i think my days of chard are ending hahhha

    ❤ you

  2. Awesome meal!! I used to hate water chestnuts too, but now I love ’em! Weird about taste preferences can change so dramatically!

  3. Oh my gosh…crab, avocado AND cilantro?! I am in love with all 3! I actually love water chestnuts, but I never eat them…okay now I’m craving them and I’m buying them next time at the grocery! lol

  4. Looks so yummy!

    I love Housewives, missed tonight, thank God for DVR

  5. ohh boo i love watered chestnuts. i always pick them out first so i can eat them all 🙂

    and ps – i just got my giveaway coconut in the mail!!! you’re the best! i’m gonna try it out today. my little sister freaked and was like “OMG THAT’S ALL MINE!”

  6. I do both those workouts but never back to back. You’re crazy!!

    • I think if the Jillian Michaels was the full 40 minute version I woulda dropped dead haha but the 20 min wasn’t too too bad although I will say my leggies are a bit sore today!!!! 🙂

  7. I LOVE ginger man products…not only do they taste awesome, but the packaging is adorable, too! That sauce sounds awesome, I love my spicy food 🙂 Hope you have a great Friday love!!

  8. lowandbhold

    That looks sooo delicious! So does your salad.

    I wish I did Exercise TV more often. There are some really good workouts on there!

  9. savoringsarah

    I must admit- I am a total “judge a book by its cover” kinda gal when it comes to food products!! The prettier the packaging, the more likely I am to buy! Therefore: I am pretty much obsessed with the pic on that bottle. TOO CUTE.

    Now for the bad news…I make stir fry JUST FOR THE WATER CHESTNUTS!! AHHH!! Can we still be friends? Is there any hope at all for us?! 🙂 Have a great Friday miss!!

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