Dreamin’ of the OBX

Wahooooooooooo Friday!  How uuuuu doin 😉

So ready for the weekend, anyone else out there with me?

Last night I was awoken to what sounded like a wailing, dying cat meowing incessantly which I quickly learned was some sort of mating call.  Lovely 3am surprise never the less haha.

So I have been a wee-bit tired today but all’s okay in my book since there are 2 days off to follow this work day!

Lunch eats included the salad I prepped last night, topped with some hummus and salsa

Hummus + salsa = seriously mean salad dressing, so good 🙂

Half baked sweet potato with green olive cilantro salsa and sour cream

(this salsa along with this flavor combo just may be my new obsession ;))

And a lil’ bit of stir fry from last night, so good.

Well I’m off to use some lunch time to search for beach cottages for this summer!

Yep, we’re takin’ vacation back old school style and spending a week in the Outer Banks this year and I couldn’t be more excited!  We vacationed here every year growing up so it feels like a second home to me, but with awesome restaurants/bars/shops/beaches, ya know 😉

Did your family have a “vacation spot” when you were growing up?

And actually the last time I went to the OBX was about 2 years ago when a bunch of my girlfriends and I got a house and it was a blast!

Summer 2008 Beach House

VandenBroek - 1

How about a trip down memory lane?  Don’t mind if I do!

Drive down with Allison in the trusty Altima… which broke down on the way home at the NC/VA state line, but we won’t go there k? 😛

The girls (JMU & Richmond besties!)

From daytime beach loungin’ ahhhh the life :)…

To dinners out on the “town” (okay we allowed some of our guy friends to crash the girls trip too!)…

To crazy nights out…

It was seriously such a fun week!!!

Want to know what else, I had just met The Man around this time and I remember us texting each other like crazy the whole week 😛 I also remember wishing he was there to vacation with us too and couldn’t wait when  I got home to go on a date with him!

Hope you enjoyed!

And don’t forget that this is the last day to get $5 off Aurorae Yoga Mats at my OpenSky shop, so go for it friends, you deserve it 🙂

Coupon Code:  5ForYoga

Remembering all the students and families that were affected by the 4.16.07 Virginia Tech shootings.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as we mark the 3 year anniversary of this tragedy.


9 responses to “Dreamin’ of the OBX

  1. We have gone to Cape May and Northern Michigan every summer for 27 years! I love both places and dream of them, just like you!

  2. Great lunch mix! I had a sweet potato last night topped with black beans & salsa- one of my favorite flavor combos! We got to Hilton Head every year with Josh’s family and I love it. Happy weekend!

  3. Looks like such a fun place! I have the same awesome memories at my family’s house at the Jersey Shore…makes me want summer to be here so badly!!

    I LOVE salsa as a salad dressing, gives it so much kick!!

  4. I love trips down memory lane…what an awesome trip! I’ve actually never been to the Outer Banks but so many people i know have and LOVE it. We’ve gone to Hilton Head every year since I was in the 8th grade, but not in a few years. We’re going back this summer, though – super excited!

  5. Looks like fun!! Don’t you love those memories of first dating and all those butterflies?!! Andrew still gives me butterflies, just not 24/7 like in the ol days, hehe! 😉

  6. lowandbhold

    I just remembered that there were some crazy noises outside my apartment last night too. Freaky!

    Sorry about the not so great sleep, but love the flashback! SO fun!

  7. ahh your hair is so long just like mine :)and miss the nags head so much!! we need to go this summer!

  8. Those beach vacations sound like a blast, thanks for sharing the pics! Have a great weekend.

  9. my family didn’t have “one place” – i kinda wish we did!

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