Good morning everyone!

Totally went MIA last night, sorry about that…

The Man and I just needed a technology free date night out and movie night in, you know how that goes 🙂

And I did the unthinkable, forgot my camera for dinner!  Of course, one of the yummiest dinners out too.  Fail Steph. Major Fail.

Stand in picture alert!! 😛

Anywho, we headed down the street to a local seafood / burger restaurant called Shacklefords which is just down the street, I hadn’t been in a while but I remember it being so good!

They have a great outdoor patio and fabulous classy but casual interior with bar and dining tables. 

We decided that (1) cocktails were in order and (2) we were in the mood to share some small plates of seafood related dishes.

To start, a glass of Chardonnay for her and a Dos Equis for him… I gave a big cheers to my homegirl Sarah for cheering me up yesterday afternoon and making me smile 😀

Up next, Crab & Smoked Gouda Dip.

A mildly spicy crab dip served with old bay crostinis.

Amazing.  Best dish of the night. I would probably sell my soul for this recipe, it was that awesome 😉

Then a round of salads, house salad w/ roasted tomato grape vinaigrette for her and a Caesar salad for him.


P.S. Their dressing choices were fabulous, cinnamon reisling and citrus pomegranate?!  Yum, it was hard deciding!

The final dish of the night was freshly steamed shrimp seasoned with old bay, served with cocktail sauce & melted butter.

These were so fresh and so good!  Can you tell our summer seafood cravings have really started to kick in haha?!

But friends, that feast was apparently not enough… bc on the way home we stopped at a place called Ray’s Italian Water Ice for some dessert!

They have water ice, custard, mixtures of the 2 and dipped custard cones.

I got a chocolate Italian water ice w/ mini chocolate chips swirled throughout.

P.S. It looked nothing like that & was served in a covered cup (like a DQ blizzard) and was softer, but whatevs.

P.S.S.  I’ve never had one of these before, it was so creamy and smooth!  And dairy free, don’t know how they do it?!  I asked the man if we could come back.  Tomorrow.  He said yes 😉

How have I never been here before, it’s literally right next to our house and the choices are sooooo goooood.  Lil’ Sis used to work here too, but shhh, I didn’t tell you that 😉

Alright well busy day ahead!

My bestie Laura is taking the train in from D.C. and I’m going to pick her up soon…

Then we are going to see Kristine’s twin boys for the first time!!!!

Before that I must get in some grocery shopping of course (I’ve been working hard on the meal planning post friends 🙂 )

See you later tonight!


6 responses to “Shackleford’s

  1. oh god if I were you I would frequent Ray’s every day at LEAST once a day.

    yay for dates with le dude. Happy Saturday 🙂

  2. Sounds like a wonderful dinner! Love a good dip. Its nice to have awesome, go – to restaurants nearby. Have fun grocery shopping- I always love doing my weekly trip

  3. That dinner sounds delightful!

    Shopping for me today too, have a great Saturday!

  4. Holy yum girl!!!! Next time you go, may I come too?? I need to find out why you southern folk love them shcriiimp so much 🙂

    and I’m super glad your Friday ended so nicely! Vino, hot date & Italian ice?!? Luckyyyyyy!

  5. I’m still not exactly sure what chocolate Italian water ice is, but I know for sure that I want some!

  6. We love that dip at Shackelfords as well! Hubby & I often stop in for happy hour and the steamed shrimp and oysters becomes our meal.

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