Giveaway Time, Okay!

I think we all know how much I adore my Cuisinart hand stick blender (or my mom’s that I’ve been “borrowing” for a few months now 😉 ) …  And speaking of, did you know that CSN stores offer a variety of products to furnish your kitchen, everything from home bars and counter stools to cookware, flatware and drinkware including this fabulous Cuisinart smart stick hand blender as well?!

This kitchen tool seriously saved the dayweek  month when I was so sick with tonsilitis and when I got my tonsils removed.  But it also has found a happy place in my kitchen helping me with all sorts of fun recipes! 

From “nurse me back to health” Tropical Smoothies

To impromptu filling for Sweet Potato & Coconut Wrappers

Even mashing up the ingredients for Pizza Bean Burgers

To “right in the crockpot” Potato Soup

And not to forget Sweet Potato, Coconut and Peanut Butter Mash!

This kitchen tool is one that I find so useful for so many things and one that I adore!

And did you know that it has been rated the “best basic hand blender” too?

Well guess what, the fabulous folks over at CSN have offered to give one of you readers your very own Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender CSB-76!!

Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender in White - CSB-76

Well truly they offered to either (1) let me try one of their fabulous products myself so fanatic mom coulda got her blender back haha or (2) let me give one away to ya’ll…  I’ll send mad momma to you friends for that one 😉 jk!

So here’s the deal, for your chance to win your very own Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender you can do any or all of the following (each one = an entry):

  1. Leave me a comment with what you think your favorite way to use this kitchen tool would be.
  2. Tweet up the giveaway “Check out @cookinfanatic1 giveaway for your chance to win your own Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender!” and leave me a comment below telling me you’ve done so.
  3. Mention this giveaway on your blog and leave me a comment below with a link back to the post.

I’ll randomly select the winner on Monday, April 26 (entries due by 5pm) 😀

Oh, and what’s that you say, what’s for dinner tonight?

Well in the spirit of this gloomy, rainy day I decided that we’d be best suited to have our Chicken Noodle Soup & sammich meal tonight, which if you remember from Meal Planning 101 was actually scheduled for Thursday night…

But see friends, even with planning you can still be flexible! 😀

Fanatic Mom got this soup mix for me a while back and I was excited to give it a whirl…

Gotta redeem myself for still holding her Cuisinart blender hostage, no? 😛


Pretty easy eh?  I followed it kinda, using 1 tblsp butter for flavor and only 32oz. of chicken broth (plus 2 small chicken breasts, chopped and cooked in said butter first…)

Mom has been raving about this soup for a while now, and I know why!  This mix was FABULOUS! And not full of sodium like so many soups are… I will definitely buy this again, we LOVED it 🙂

Me to The Man:  “That soup was seriously so good esp for a package mix”

The Man to Me: “That is the understatement of the yearrrrrr. We should buy this again, and have it like, every week.”

First of all, what’s all this “we” business, I’d love to see him grocery shopping 😛 (love you boo!) and secondly, we have only Fanatic Mom to thank for this awesome gift and meal!

To go with our soup I made some grilled cheeses, his and her style!

For him:  Bacon Swiss Grilled cheese (w/a lil’ smear of butter for good measure 😉 )


For her:  Roasted red pepper & fresh basil grilled swiss cheese w/ spicy apple cinnamon ginger mustard

Loved the pops of flavor with this combo, tangy mustard with sweet basil plus ooey gooey cheese was heavenly!

This dinner definitely hit the spot after my post work exercise session, which included:


Well everyone, I better scadaddle (did I just say that?), time for some tv and relaxation… this week has been outta control busy and homegirl needs it 😉

See you back tomorrow!


86 responses to “Giveaway Time, Okay!

  1. The CSN stores rock! Don’t enter me because I already have this AMAZING tool. I use it weekly! Glad you guys had such a nice din din. Your grilled cheese sounds fantastic. Enjoy some relaxing

  2. Annnd, I think I would like to use this blender for soups!

  3. Do you think it would be able to make hummus too?

  4. Oh my gosh….I know exactly what I would use this for! One of my favorite soups (butternut squash) requires an IB, and I usually throw it in my blender which gets….a little messy. And okay I am a little lazy, too. 🙂

    I’ve never made grilled cheese with anything but cheddar – yours looks amazing! Definitely trying that.

  5. can you use this to bake i think thats what i would want to try since i love to bake!

  6. i would make blended oats!

  7. I can think of about a million blended soups (warm OR cold) I’d love to make with an immersion blender. Such a great giveaway!!

  8. I’d use it for soup!!

  9. Want!!! Neeeeeeed!!!!!! Zuppa!!!!

  10. I’ve wanted one of these ever since they used it in the soup making class I took a few months ago!

  11. Erica best @purplelover04

    i would love to have this to hot soup

  12. I think I need a stick blender – it would make blending salad dressings, soups and smoothies much much easier!

  13. I would use the blender to whip up some hummus!

  14. Awesome giveaway, lady! I would totally use it for blending up soups and dressings!

  15. Smoothies!

  16. I think I would use this tool most often to make smoothies. Especially since it’s getting warm out… Who doesn’t love a fresh smoothie?!

  17. I tweeted it too

  18. ooh, how fun! the regular blender I have is HORRIBLE and I’ve been wanting one of these stick blenders for a long time!

    I’d love to use it to make some good smoothies 🙂

  19. Tweet, tweet!

  20. Ooh I too wonder if this could make hummus. If not quick berry smoothies is what I would use this for. (And I tweeted the giveaway @gyrlxoxo).

  21. I would use it for split pea soup, butternut squash soup, and hummus!!

  22. This has been on my list of gadgets to buy for awhile now. I’d love to use it to make soups!

  23. This would be so handy, I make all my sauces at home and this would be perfect!

  24. thehealthyjunky

    This is such a neat giveaway! I would use it for mashed sweet potatoes. I love them! Your sweet potato, peanut butter, and coconut mash sounds phenomenal.

  25. I would use it for smoothies for sure!!!

  26. Ooooh I would use it to make split pea soup!

  27. I tweeted!

  28. what an amazing giveaway you get to do!!! I’d use it for smoothies and green monsters!

  29. I would definitely make smoothies for breakfast more often! And you can never have too much soup.

  30. I tweeted too. I’m ErinStaysFit on Twitter.

  31. And I tweeted!

  32. I’d love this to make smoothies in my tiny apartment that doesn’t have room for a blender!!

  33. I woukd use this to whip the kids up some milkshakes

  34. Love this giveaway! Hmmm I would use it for soup I think…

    I am drooooooling over your grilled cheese for real!

  35. oh neato! I think this could be good for smoothies with protein powder to really get it mixed well!

  36. and you KNOW i’d make chef jesse’s sauce!!!

  37. My favorite way to use the stick blender would be to make black bean brownies!!

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  39. Pingback: Sweet Potato Galore « The Healthy Junky

  40. I would make blended soups 🙂

  41. With summer coming, this would be perfect for smoothies!

  42. I would love the blender for soups! I have wanted one for a long time, just never bought it. Great giveaway!

  43. I would definitely use it for soups!!!

  44. I’d love to be able to make a smooth soup all at once rather than running it through my blender in batches.

  45. Ahh, a mint-chocolate chip protein milkshake would perfect~

  46. I’ve been eyeing my sister’s immersion blender for quite some time now. She keeps telling me how amazing it is. I would like to win one so that I can make thick soups – I am think roasted red repper or a thick tomato bisque…hmmm! Thanks! BTW, your his and hers sammies cracked me up – looks like my house!

  47. Smoothie or hummus!! YUMMO, I’m hungry! Thanks for the chance!

  48. I would use this for smoothies!!

    Please enter me in you fun giveaway!

  49. All I can think of is…baby food! Though soups and smoothies are a close second.

  50. Pingback: I’m so happy I could cry « Simply Shaka

  51. I would definitely use it for green monsters!

  52. I linked ya back 🙂

  53. I would make smoothies!

  54. I make homemade baby foods and this would be so helpful and less work then a regular blender!

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  56. Amber Brueseke

    I would like it for making bean soups!

  57. This would be perfect. I would use mine to make smoothies. I love making smoothies, but I hate lugging out my big blender. This would be great!

  58. Thanks for the opportunity! I think I’ll use it for my green smoothies a lot!

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  60. I’d use it for puree veggies in broth.

  61. Follow and tweeted @matzsmith

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  63. Oh I have had such a busy month and I keep trying to remember that I needed to get here and enter this giveaway as I REALLY WANT ONE OF THESE! Everytime you use it, I say wow want that.

    One of my favorite things to make is Black Bean soup and it is a pain to drag out the blender for it. This would make it so much easier to make my soup and I am sure a million other things.

  64. Okay and I tweeted your giveaway.

  65. Well my blog probably wouldn’t be classified as a real blog but I did post about your giveaway there because I really want this thing. LOL

  66. I would use if for my baby’s food to mash up. Forget store bought!

  67. To make soups creamy.

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