Cinco de Mayo Cooking Class!

Last night I was lucky enough to attend our local Whole Foods for a cooking class with Fanatic Momma, Brittany and Rebekah!

The theme was Cinco de Mayo, which I was quite excited about since we all know my love for Mexican cuisine 😀

We started off with a fun lil’ “beer cocktail” made from Pacifico beer, fresh lime juice & salt…

Once you add the salt, it turns into a science experiment!

I really liked this cocktail idea, kind of like putting a lime in your beer, but the flavor more pronounced & without all the lime pieces involved.  The Pacifico was nice too, I think I may see a Cinco de Mayo party drink idea in our near future 😉

After tasting this lovely beverage it was time to get cooking!

Chef Jesse started off with a tilapia ceviche which was made simply with tilapia, lime juice & salt. 

Are you familar with ceviche?  It is a dish comprised of raw seafood that is marinated in a citrus based sauce, which essentially “cooks” the fish when left to sit for a few hours.  The dish is native to Peru and pretty darn delicious! Also, you can make it with so many types of fish/seafood including tuna, grouper, snapper and scallops to name a few 🙂

Jesse made up a lovely mango-jicama salsa to mix with the ceviche and served it all with tortilla chips, so good!

The salsa contained onion, lime juice, jalapeno, jicama, cilantro, mango, garlic, tomatoes and salt.  Such a fresh combo of flavors!

Next we learned how to make an ancho chili sauce out of dried poblano peppers (aka ancho chiles)

I always see these at the store but seriously would not know what to do with them if I bought them… until now!

I took notes bc this sauce was fabulous and could be used anywhere from a taco topper to a sauce for grilled meats.

The dried peppers were rehydrated in some hot veggie broth until they were pliable.  Then the roasted tomatillo, garlic, onions plus some salt were added before blending with an immersion blender (my favorite, and you may just have a chance to WIN your very own realllllly soon :P)

I am really looking forward to working with these in my own kitchen along with tomatillos, loved them both!

Next up was some fresh guacamole, which was so good that I tried my hardest to have Jesse say he would make for our Cinco de Mayo party 😛  Offer’s still out chef… !

Avocado, onion, tomato, jalapeno or serrano, fresh cilantro, lime juice, garlic & salt. Perfection.

To finish things off Jesse made some flank steak tacos, which were outta this world. 

They were served with guac, cabbage, the ancho sauce above and a fabulous sour cream sauce (thin out sour cream with fresh lime juice & spice it up with chili powder/oregano/salt or whatever you like – the idea of which I love and would probably be phenomenal w/ Greek yogurt as well!)

The steak was marinated in a mix of lime juice, chili powder, roasted onion, roasted garlic, roasted jalapeno, salt, oregan, olive oil and cilantro.  The smell of which was intoxicating!

To end things on a sweet note we had churros, which were dangerously delicious even for this non-doughnut lovah 😛

So all in all I would say the night was a total win! 

The recipes were fabulous, the food delicious and I had a blast with my mom & my bloggie buddies 🙂

See ya tonight friends and as I said above, stay tuned for an awesome giveaway coming your way soon!


17 responses to “Cinco de Mayo Cooking Class!

  1. what a fun night! I wish we had cooking demos like that around here. Guess I need to move to Richmond 🙂

  2. I’m so jealous of your demos….they look like such a blast! And the salsa, dang. I love the Cindo de Mayo theme…feels so far away – can’t beleive it’s only in 2 weeks?!

    And did someone say immersion blender? 😉 I need one so badly!

  3. cookeatburn

    Mmmmmm churros. In Buenos Aires they would sell churros that had dulce de leche filling and then were covered in chocolate. TO DIE FOR. It’s very good for my health that they do not do that here 😀

  4. That beer looks soooo good. I love the idea of the lime in it! And churros…oh my God, it’s been far too long. Sounds like such a great class, hope you’re having a good hump day!!

  5. Sounds like a fun time!! I love cinco de mayo, mostly b/c it’s an excuse for beer and chips and salsa, mmmmmm!! 🙂

  6. My kind of food and drink! Everything looks so delicious.

  7. Fanatic Mom

    I loved Chef Jesse’s recipe choices for Cinco de Mayo. I can’t wait to see what he does next month! Free cooking demos at Whole Foods are the best.

  8. haha hi stephanie’s mom! you are too cute.

    steph – i would love to go to world market with you! let’s do that next 🙂
    i could spend a whole hour just in the spices section! although i hear you are quite the expert in the latino and indian markets… take me!

    • Let’s go to the Indian market off Old Parham, it’s so fun! i also want to try out the Latino market off Broad by Staples Mill, foodie shopping day soon perhaps? That would be so fun!

  9. Best Cooking Demo yet!!

  10. That cooking class looks like so much fun!!! My BF just had churros in Madrid, he really like them 🙂 I have missed you girl, glad to be back.

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