Outta Time

Hey friends, I’m currently writing this at 5pm before I get back to some more work before I can think about heading home… today has been crazy busy… 

I’m talking didn’t take a bathroom break since arriving at work until 12:30pm kinda busy (ummm yea).

I think the trend may continue for a while during this job transition, so please just bear with me folks!

However, you know that I couldn’t go a day without stopping in to say hello to all my fave bloggies 😀

But alas, homegirl really needs a night to “unplug” after a day like today, I do hope you understand.

I have a fun recipe planned tonight, one that uses more local ingredients from the farmer’s market

Here’s a hint:

And no, we aren’t eating armadillo!   But the recipe sorta sounds/looks like the word 😉

I sure hope I can get to posting it for you tomorrow!

Until then, enjoy your night and I’ll see you soon!


2 responses to “Outta Time

  1. Fanatic Mom

    I still am and always will be your number one fan! Hope you are relaxing tonite…you deserve it.

  2. lowandbhold

    Sorry your so busy! Hope you’re having fun though!

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