Cinco de Mayo Par-tay!!


Well after a crammed packed week of work craziness, this weekend is going to be go-go-go as well, but at least it’s festive & fun stuff w/ our friends & family! 

Let’s see what’s planned, shall we? 🙂

Friday:  Work, exercise, bestie Laura gets in town, party prep in the kitchen!

Saturday:  Early farmer’s market, hair appointment, more cookin’ and cleanin’ then par-tayyyyy time!

Sunday:  Birthday celebration & cookin’ for The Man’s pops!

Wow, so much for restin’ up on the weekend 😉

The Man and I had a productively busy night last night doin’ all the party shoppin’, bc let’s face it, that’s not really the worst “chore” now is it 😛

We didn’t get home for dinner until close to 9pm so something fast was in order!

Stuffy’s Subs to the rescue…


That would be a Great Garden Pita with every veggie known to man.  Plus some cheese, deli mustard, vinegar & spices mmmm hmmm.  That sucker got scarfed down haha.  Oh yes.

I always get all nostalgic eating at this sub shop, as we used to visit it often when I was younger and during swim team since it was right across the street 🙂

So how about a sneak peak at the Cinco de Mayo party menu why don’t we?

  • Salsa Roll Ups (courtesy of my girl Tammy)
  • Corn Tortilla Chips w/ mango salsa
  • Mexican Taco Bar – ancho chile chicken & spiced ground beef, soft & hard shells plus all the fixins’
  • Homemade Mexican Brownies
  • Assortment of Mexican beers (we hit the jackpot at Costco!)
  • White wine

I’m pretty excited, and I think the menu will be the perfect mix of easy-to-fix yet flavorful items!

Oh wait, I think I left something out didn’t I? 😉

Mango Nectar, Coconut Run & Fresh Mint cocktails!!!!

We went to the Latino market and picked up one of my favorite new things everrrrr…

Mixed with some of my favorite coconut rum…

Finished off with some fresh mint leaves…

And voila!  Served over ice this makes for one insanely refreshing cocktail 😀

On another note, our weather outlook for this weekend is high’s in the mid to upper 90’s —> did I mention that we had frost just the other night, what the heck here?

So I think the weather will be perfect for a fun filled weekend!

Alright, I better get to it, lots to do 😀  Have a fabulous Friday & see ya soon.


12 responses to “Cinco de Mayo Par-tay!!

  1. YUM! I looooove coconut rum. Your menu looks great. Have a good weekend. 🙂

  2. I want to come! Your party sounds like it’s going to be fab. I just love Mexican food, beer, cocktails.

    Enjoy your busy and fun weekend.

  3. Your weekend looks fabulous!!! I might just hop in the car to join in the festivities 🙂

  4. Umm… okay, why isn’t teleport possible yet? Seriously. That cocktail sounds outrageous!

  5. Mmm, that cocktail sounds amazing! Enjoy your busy weekend and try to get some rest!

  6. Um, so….can I invite myself to your fiesta? Everything looks and sounds perfect! And surprisingly, while I don’t like coconut, I LOVE coconutty drinks! (Okay, so I’ve only had pina coladas….but WOW).

    Glad you’re going to have great weather, too – it’s supposed to rain here all weekend. 😦 Can’t wait to see your pics!

  7. Looks like an absolutely DELICIOUS menu, don’t be surprised if I crash the party 🙂

    Subs (I call them hoagies though…Philly represent!) always remind me of my childhood too. I used to go for the Italian version, piled high with meat, but I’ve found that the most nostalgic taste is the oil and vinegar. I love my veggie and provolone hoagies now!!

    Hope you have an AMAZING weekend love, enjoy your party and that beautiful weather!!

  8. The party menu looks awesome. I hope you all have a blast!!

  9. have an amazing party girl!
    food sounds awesome!

  10. What time should I be there? 😉 Sounds wonderful!! Have a fun time at your fiesta!!

  11. Wow you have been busy 😉 Sounds like a great Cinco de Mayo party! Coconut and mint — YUM

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