Farm to Family

Today I had a morning appointment at my favorite Aveda salon in a part of town where I used to live called “The Fan,” with cute bars and restaurants amidst early turn of the century row houses. 


While I was there, I happened to spot this big white bus parked outside the downtown Starbucks…



The girls at the salon had told me about the bus and I had read about it online, so I was super excited that I finally got the chance to check it out in person!

Farm to Family

“Feeding the community one stop at a time”

This concept originated to connect local farms with communities in the hopes of re-establishing a personal relationship with locally grown food here in central VA. 

Much like we have learned from watching documentaries such as Food, Inc. and tv shows such as Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, there is a huge disconnect with the food we eat and the origination of it.

Did you know that most modern methods of food distribution can involve thousands of miles before it reaches our plate?

Here’s where Farm to Family comes in, as a mobile micro farmers market that was converted from an old school bus!  Their mission is to reach those who want fresh quality, local food but may not otherwise have the means to get it.

And if you did see Food, Inc. do you remember the Virginia farmer from Polyface, Inc.?  One of the “good guys” that I completely admired when watching the film, as his family farm represents “America’s premier non-industrial food production oasis.”  Well, Farm to Family brings these products to Richmond as well, so cool! 🙂

I had the pleasure of meeting & talking with Mark Lilly, founder of Farm to Family, this morning and learning about what he is trying to do with his effort to reconnect us with local, organic & wholesome foods. 

I also picked up some beautiful goods while I was there, I just couldn’t resist 🙂

Local strawberries

Hydroponic Bibb lettuce, sweet potatoes & freshly dried poblanos (aka ancho chiles, my favorite!)

What a fabulous surprise on my trip down to The Fan… made me wish I still lived down the street from this where this bus parks each Saturday, but then again, I guess that’s the benefit of it being mobile 😉

Alright everyone, hope you are having as lovely a day as we are here.  The sun is shining and it’s 90 degrees and a Cinco de Mayo party is just around the corner 😛

See ya for a recap tomorrow!


5 responses to “Farm to Family

  1. ah that place is straight out of “Little House the Prairie”, how adorable!

    Farm to the Family sounds like an incredible foundation and that’s so rad that you were able to get the inside scoop! thanks for the downlow, girl! Glad you had such a great time 🙂

  2. Isn’t the Farm to Family bus the coolest? I’ve only spotted it once, but I know it likes to hang out in Carytown quite a bit.

    The weather is amazing today – enjoy the party lady!

  3. That looks so cool! I love that it’s a bus, it just makes it more fun. Hope you enjoyed your party!

  4. Wow, that bus is the NEATEST thing ever! What a great idea. I cannot WAIT until my farmer’s market opens (June 5th…but I’m going to try and find another one), since my one lesson learned from Food Inc. is to buy local as much as possible. Those strawberries look DELICIOUS. Now I’m craving strawberries, mmmm.

  5. I’ve seen that bus in Church Hill before and I’ve wanted to stop but never have. I’m definitely going to now after reading this and seeing your pics. Thanks!!!

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