Birthday Dining

Hey hey hey friends!

Phew holy exhaustion, we’re finally getting home after being outta the house pretty much the entire day…

But it was a fun one 😀

The Man and his brother took their Dad fishing for his birthday all day today while the girls hung out, did some food shopping & prepared a birthday dinner!

Before they picked me up I whipped up a glorious salad featuring:  local organic Bibb lettuce (love!), fresh peppers & cilantro, leftover ancho chile chicken, crushed tortilla chips and mango salsa

So. Good.

We spent part of the afternoon prepping this fabulously indulgent potato salad


Now I am not normally a huge potato salad lovin’ gal (it’s a mayo dislike thang) but this tater salad was the best I’ve ever had!  I loved the different layers of flavor with horseradish, balsamic vin and blue cheese 🙂

When the guys got home from their fishing excursion we had some snacks which included this gem

What a find, the combo of basil, sun dried tomato, spices & parm cheese was outta this world. 

Kicked up a notch with a lil’ of this

Oh yea, that would be sun dried tomato & basil braided mozzarella!

After an afternoon glass of vino and some outside time on the patio, the grill was fired up and some kebabs got to cookin’


Some blurry & some not 😉

Topped off with some fresh corn on the cob – screams summer, no?!

Know what else screams summer, close to 90 degrees and 100% (or what felt like) humidity!  Whoa sweat heaven & frizzy hair day haha… tmi?

There was some Sunshine cake to finish the day off right, which contained mandarin oranges and pineapple and was deelish.  P.S. Sweets detox begins tomorrow, I’ve been outta control lately and my waistline is finally feelin’ it grrr!

Alright well my eyes are closing as I type this and it’s not even 9pm?!  I have a long week ahead of me and I think my body really needs some rest after this fun-filled but busy weekend.

See ya tomorrow 😛


6 responses to “Birthday Dining

  1. We grilled corn tonight too!!! Love nights out on the patio!! 🙂

  2. What a fabulous day! We grilled tonight, too. I think summer is officially in the air. 🙂 Rest up and get some sleep lady!

  3. Oh my God. That foccacia and mozzarella is absolutely calling to me from the screen. Looks absolutely AMAZING!!! Definitely an amazing bday dinner for your Man’s dad, I’m sure he loved it!!

    Hope you have a great Monday love!! xoxo

  4. I love cooking kabobs on the grill!!! I love grilling in the summer too. That bread and cheese combo looks awesome!

  5. mmmm, your food looks delicious!

  6. Of course you loved that potato salad…anything with blue cheese right? 🙂

    OMG that is a feast. I would love all of that for my birthday meal! Especially the bread and mozarella….drool.

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