Good morning everyone!

Well I’m up bright & early against my will 😛 thanks to The Man going being up to meet his Dad & brother for a morning of fishing as a birthday gift to Dad…

Ah well, who says I need sleep anyways?!  Smiley

Since I’m up so early how about a Cinco de Mayo party recap?! 

Just some simple decorations inside and out…


A few drinks to choose from 😉


Laura & I started out with a mango coconut mint cocktail while we got to prepping the food!

These were definitely a hit 😀


Chips & salsa times 2.  One regular salsa, one mango salsa…


Also some bean, corn & tomato salsa courtesy of our friend Kathryn…

The Italian dressing in this mixture is really a fabulous surprise 🙂

Plus a major bloggie fail by not getting a picture of Tammy’s salsa/cream cheese/tortilla roll ups…

But I will tell you that both dishes were delicious!

The taco bar was set up to include shredded chicken with homemade ancho chile sauce plus ground beef seasoned with cumin, coriander, chile powder and some Frank’s hot sauce…

Plus all sorts of topping for the tacos, shredded lettuce, salsa, cheese and sour cream

Everything turned out great and I couldn’t have done it without Laura’s help in the kitchen, it was great to have her in there with me making life easy 😛

And last but certainly not least were the Mexican brownies (I omitted the icing called for in the recipe).

These were dense & fudgy and turned out deelish!

I think a good time was had by all but we stayed up pretty late sitting outside chatting & enjoying the weather so homegirl is a wee-bit tired today Smiley

Oh well, good thing the agenda includes laying by the pool then making a birthday dinner for The Man’s Dad once the boys get back from fishing!

See ya later friends and enjoy your Sunday!


12 responses to “Fiesta!

  1. Looks like a delicious and fun fiesta!! I want one of those mexican brownies, yummmmm!! 🙂

  2. Aww, you are bringing me back to Mexico, ahhh, life was good. 🙂 Looks like a wonderful time, hosted by a wonderful hostess! Enjoy the sunshine today and happy bday to the Man’s dad!

  3. So fun! The food looks fantastic- you did a great job. Get a nap in while you lay by the pool today 🙂

  4. Way to celebrate right. Hehe, really though that looks so fun! And how sweet of you to host – I bet your friends appreciated it :).

  5. What a fun night!! All of the food looks absolutely amazing, seriously- it’s clear you’re a pro at this stuff! Mexican brownies….mmm. Love a little kick in my chocolate! Hope you’re having a relaxing Sunday!!

  6. how do you say “oh my god I’m so freaking jealous and want those brownies in my belly right now”, en espanol?!

  7. Your party looks fabulous! Everything looks delicious!

  8. Looks like you had a great party! Love the decorations and all the drinks 😉 Brownies looks delicious!

  9. Looks like your party was quite the feast, how fun!

  10. ahhh- you totally outdid yourself, girl! Everything looks SO good. And those brownies, mmmm mmmm. You totally deserved to lay out by the pool, too! Maybe with a margie in hand. 🙂

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