Cinco de Mayo dinner week… continued!

Today’s work day was long, busy & filled with all sorts of new information!  I think my brain is turning into mush trying to retain everything 😉

But guess what I did after work?!  Farmer’s Market!

The West End farmer’s market has new Wednesday hours & with me working so close to home today it was just a hop, skip & a jump to get there 😛

Nothing ends a stressful day like a trip to see & buy fresh foods and talk to local farmers, am I right or am I right?

Check out the finds!

  • Hanover strawberries
  • Hanover sweet potatoes
  • fresh black pepper pasta (*squeal!*)
  • some type of bok choy, name escapes me but so cute!
  • unpictured local bratwurst

But we’ll just have to wait to see how those items get used in the Fanatic kitchen… bc today is Cinco de Mayo and after our streak of all things Mexican, you don’t think we’d stop tonight do you?! 😉

Taco Time!

Cinco de Mayo party food lasted us for daysssss, love it!

His – Spiced ground beef hard taco and Ancho chile chicken soft taco w/ peppers


And hers – Ancho chile chicken soft taco & brussel sprouts w/ S&P and balsamic vin


What, you don’t eat brussel sprouts for Cinco de Mayo too? 😉

Time to go rest up with my loves, tomorrow should be the last of the crazy days this week, but it’s gonna be a doozie!

P.S. What dog sits like this haha?  I tell ya!

Perhaps a lil’ ice cream may be on the agenda too… just sayin’ 😛

P.S.  Currently loving:  Coconut Lime Verbena wall plug-in my Mom left at the house for me as a surprise today, the house smells heavenly!  Thanks Mom, I love you 😀

Night friends!


11 responses to “Cinco de Mayo dinner week… continued!

  1. Aww, Fanatic mom rocks!

    Whenever I have a stressful day at work one of the first things I think about to help me de-stress is to go walk the aisles of the grocery store. Oh, us foodies. 🙂 We have a farmers market tomorrow that I am going to try to hit up during lunch.

    Rest up lady and enjoy your ice cream! xoxo

  2. I’m wearing the coconut lime lotion today!Hooray for making it to the farmers market. Great finds- the berries look delicious. Happy Cinco!

  3. Lovely tacos. I am so happy the farmer’s markets are all opening now!! Nothing beats local produce.

  4. Local produce is the best! Your dog is the cutest!!!

  5. SO jealous you have a Farmer’s Market that is open on Wednesdays! And Dos Equis….second only to my first love, Corona. 🙂

    I have the coconut lime verbena soap and LOVE it. Sometimes I wash my hands just because!

  6. FUN afternoon! Those local farmer finds look LOVELY….and your greens look like just baby bok choy to me!

    As for your din- all I can say is OLE! Nothin wrong with that :0

  7. FUN afternoon! Those local farmer finds look LOVELY….and your greens look like just baby bok choy to me!

    As for your din- all I can say is OLE! Nothin wrong with that 🙂

  8. My eyes immediately went for the Doq Equis…love that beer! I knew you’d go all out for Cinco de Mayo, I love it!!

  9. I love the coconut lime scent, too!

  10. Daisy does! We always joke that when she sits on the couch or something she looks like a person lol!

    What kind of tortillas did you buy? Those look so soft and yummy!

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