It doesn’t get much better than this…

Happy Saturday everyone!!! 🙂

I must tell you that I had one of the best mornings ever today with my Mom, seriously.  I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Let’s start off with the gorgeous weather, 75/80F and sunny/breezy.  Doesn’t get much better than that Smiley

Our first stop was the West End Farmer’s Market right down the street…

… I love how big this market is getting (it’s only in it’s second year) and I am so excited for the summer months to come! 

I got some radishes, kale, fresh garlic cheese, pork chops, tilapia and more of my beloved cake pops.  Score! 😛

After that we decided it was just too nice out to go home, so what d’ya know, we headed over to another side of town to check out their farmer’s market and do some shopping!

Lakeside is a part of town that I am not familiar with and one that I have never really ventured to, however I must tell you friends that I have totally been missing out!

This market had some fabulous finds, including a phenomenal Citrus Explosion tea from Umami Tea, a locally owned tea shop with some amazing products!

There was also a delicious local garlic sauce that is outta this world.  Guess what the first ingredient is?  Applesauce… so cool! 

This spot also has such a cute “little town” feel and the streets are lined with gorgeous antique/consignment shops, unique foodie spots and tons of old time charm.

One of my favorite stops today was a shop called Feathernesters.

This adorable shop also features it’s own restaurant with many homemade baked goods & a delicious menu.

Today they were hosting a bridal shower.  I couldn’t think of a cuter place for an event like that!

I couldn’t resist trying some of the homestyle fudge…

… and may or may not have walked away with a 1/2lb of that for The Man yea right, we all know the truth haha.

One of the nice ladies we met at a consignment shop, where I purchased this fabulous twisty wine rack…

Lucy’s modeling career is really taking off 😉

gave Mom and I a heads up about a delicious Louisiana style food cart down the street that we decided we had to give a try!

Jazzbo’s Rollin’ Gumbo

Where I met the wonderful Molly who hooked us up with some gumbo, jambalaya and fresh garlic bread to-go for lunch!

Holy yum. No words.  This was amazingggggggg.

I just emailed this pic to The Man (who’s at work) and let him know that he’d be having this too for lunch once he got home… I think I’m scorin’ some “good girlfriend” points today bc he sounded so excited! 🙂

Ever since The Man’s trip to New Orleans last year all he talks about is how amazing the food was there… I think he’s gonna be a happy camper today!

I also whipped up a salad w/ romaine, cucumbers, radish, feta, S&P, olive oil and white balsamic vinegar to go with my Southern feast…

If you’ve never had white balsamic vinegar, go buy it and go buy it NOW.

This was my first experience with the stuff and I must tell you that it is fantastic! 

So all in all this was such a fantastic Saturday morning.  I think these types of mornings are starting to become my favorite part of the week, I love hanging with Mom and that we both love these types of adventures.  She’s my buddy, what can I say Smiley

And I can’t wait to head back to Lakeside again soon, all the vendors were so friendly there and we had ourselves a great time in a new-to-me part of town!

Okay gotta run, hope you’re having a lovely Saturday and see you tonight for a Farmer’s Market dinner at our house!


8 responses to “It doesn’t get much better than this…

  1. Fanatic Mom

    I had fun too!

  2. Aww, you two are so cute! I can’t wait to live close to my mom again someday. 🙂

    I have a serious weak spot for wine racks and must say that I LOVE your new find!

  3. Wow, those are some delicious looking finds!

  4. applesauce garlic sauce? Classic case of “don’t know it ’til you’ve tried it”, I suppose!

    You scored big time girl – woo woo for fabbie food filled days!

    looooooove!!! xoxoxo

  5. Awww, glad you had a fun morning out with your mom!! Love all the foodie finds you scored!!

  6. lowandbhold

    It has been WAY too long since I’ve had fudge. Creamsicle?! Yes please.

    Love that wine rack!!

  7. Awww, I love how you your mom are buds and do fun things together like that!

  8. It sounds like you and mamafanatic had a lovely day!

    Isaac goes to Once Upon a Vine (where Jazzebo’s is usually parked) at least once a week for beer and what not and loves the gumbo cart. I’ve had it once and loved it as well!

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