Fresh catch

Hey everyone! It’s me, back again 🙂

Well I’m happy to report that The Man adored his Louisiana feast today and I def scored some “win” points with that find bc he spent the entire afternoon running errands & semi-shopping with moi!

We also spent some more time outdoors enjoying some margaritas while The Man built building a lil’ contraption for our potted veggie garden to keep the critters out 😉  Take that squirrelies!

Dinner tonight was comprised of some of today’s fabulous finds, starting with some farmer’s market tilapia from Tuckahoe seafood cooked up in the fabulous Flynn’s garlic sauce!


And you friends well know that I usually like to make my own sauces vs. bottled versions, but this one really tops the cake!  The applesauce lends such a sweet fabulous flavor to the hint of garlic… I could seriously eat this stuff with a spoon 😛

Followed by round 2 of fresh salad using the white balsamic vinegar

This round included romaine, cucumber, fresh basil & lemon basil plus roasted onion and crumbled feta.  Heaven!

And hey, I told ya’ll earlier how much I loved this stuff, so you had to know it’d be making it’s appearance soon 😉 

This is one of my fave “at home” salads ever, seriously.  The white balsamic vin lends a sweet yet tangy flavor to a simple vinaigrette.  So good and so good for you!  1 tblsp EVOO & 2 tbslp vin was all this bad boy needed 🙂

To top things off I roasted up a sweet potato and said onion for the salad above until soft & sweet…

… served with the usual salsa & sour cream combo, this was the perfect round out to the meal.

What a lovely, fresh dinner after what has to be one of my favorite days this year so far!!!

The weather was amazing and I had such a good time today (check out the recap here!), I am really thankful to have such a wonderful Mother and boyfriend to spend time with and don’t you know that I thank my lucky stars each and every day!

And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to go savor one of my favorite treats – red velvet cake pop – oh yummmm 😀

Cake Pops - RVA

What are you friends doing for Mother’s Day, either for your mom or if you are a mom yourself?!

Tomorrow is going to be a fun day, we are celebrating Mother’s Day with Fanatic momma & The Man’s momma throughout the day and have some fun adventures planned!

I’m also so excited that our bestie Kristine will be celebrating her very first Mother’s Day with her beautiful twin boys… I couldn’t be more proud 🙂

Have a great night everyone!


6 responses to “Fresh catch

  1. Yummm tilapia- definitely one of my favorite fish, I love it with lemon 🙂 And red velvet cake pops for dessert sound absolutely drool-worthy! Today I’m running a 5k with my mom for Mother’s day- should be fun! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Tilapia is so easy to make and you can do so many things with it. Roasted onions on a salad?! YUM!

  3. I LOVE tilapia! I don’t like ‘fishy fish,’ and I love how it just crumbles/melts in your mouth. That sounds and looks perfect!

    Happy Mother’s Day to your mama! We’re all going to a baseball game (our Triple A team in Indy) to celebrate my dad’s belated b-day. My poor mama! LOL I think I’m going to cook her dinner, though. 🙂 Enjoy your Sunday!

  4. Great dinner! I love making tilapia for Josh- its so fun to switch up the dish with new flavors. Great salad (as always) too! I just went to mothers day lunch with my Mama. Now I’m about to fall over- we just got back from a 36 hour trip to penn state

  5. savoringsarah

    That sauce sounds AMAZIN!!! YUM! I always overlook tilapia when I’m out shopping…maybe it is time to give it another try!

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