Adventures in Garden Land

Hey everyone!  Hope you had a great day today and a fun time if you were celebratin’ Mother’s Day 🙂

The Man and I are lucky enough to have family that lives very close by so we”ve had a fabulous day celebrating with both my Mom and The Man’s Mom!

The Fanatic Fam spent the afternoon at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, one of Mom’s favorite places.

If you are ever in Richmond I highly recommend checkin’ this place out, it’s absolutely gorgeous!

They have a beautiful greenhouse with so many types of flowers & trees, including slipper orchids and even tropical varieties like coconut and date trees!

There are also pathways to walk through and view all the gorgeous plants…ahh the smell of these roses was intoxicating!

Plus secret spots with statues for posin’ 😉

Hey, even a large pond if that’s your thing!  Personally I think there is nothing more beautiful than the shimmer of sunlight along the water… ahhh guess it’s just the “beach girl” in me?

There are also bridges to cross with picturesque scenery.

Notice the random lil’ glass sculptures snuck in there?

These glass sculptures, crafted by internationally known artist Hans Godo Frabel, have been installed throughout the garden in various places and were so fascinating to see!

From large to small this art was so intricate & beautiful.

Lewis Ginter also offers some great a la carte lunch options which was much welcomed after working up quite the appetite walking around!

Chicken salad croissant for him

Veggie & hummus wrap for her

Carrot cake for both 😉


What a fun way to spend such a gorgeous afternoon, we had such a good time!

Happy Mother’s Day Mom, I love you so much & only hope that one day I can be as wonderful of a mother as you are 🙂

Following our adventures in garden land we headed over to The Man’s parents’ house for a Mother’s Day cookout dinner.

Grilled Burgers, Pasta Salad & fresh corn (unpic)

Twas deelish!

After a few hours of relaxin’ outside and just hangin’ out it was finally time to head home…

What a fun weekend, couldn’t have asked for more and had such a great time hanging out with all my loved ones and celebrating our fabulous mothers 😀

But seriously, can you believe we’re at the start of another work week again?  Where does the weekend even go?

Oh well, it was probably one of the best weekends ever so no complaints here!!

Hope you had a fabulous one as well and see you tomorrow for another “monday funday,” right? <— insert sarcasm 😉


10 responses to “Adventures in Garden Land

  1. Agreed, I do believe the weekend went by too soon…though it was a great one.

  2. That’s so great that you were able to spend time with both mom’s today. Looks like it was a great time.

  3. Oh my goodness – Lewis Ginter looks beautiful. I’ve only been for the lights in the winter so I’ve only seen the flowers in the green house. Your pictures make me want to go again asap to see all the outdoor gardens.

    Happy Mother’s Day to Mamafanatic!

    Are you going to the WF cooking demo this month?

  4. aw yay for dual mama’s day! everything is so incredible beautiful – the weekend sounds just perfect!

  5. Oh my gosh, that looks beautiful! I love walking through gardens, so calm and peaceful.

    Love the pic of you and CF Mama! Happy belated Mother’s Day to her. 🙂

  6. savoringsarah

    I got to see both mom’s this weekend too. SO NICE to be close to both!! The gardens looked FABULOUS. Hope you’re makin through your monday so far lady!!

  7. That wrap looks delicious, as does the cake! It’s great you’re close to BOTH your families, so you can spend time with both your mamas 🙂 Hope you’re having a great Monday!

  8. What a fabulous day with wonderful mama’s! 🙂

  9. Meriwether Godsey @ Lewis Ginter

    Thank you for dining with us while you were at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. We love spending every day there! Wonderful people, wonderful place.

  10. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful Mother’s Day at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden! The photos are wonderful — mom looks really happy! And I love your quirky sense of humor & writing style.
    I was just telling someone many of our visitors are “foodies” as well. We are so glad you enjoyed the wonderful food provided by our caterer Meriwether Godsey. They sometimes even use fresh herbs from the Garden when they are in season!

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