Kale + Apples + Onion Oh My!

Happy “Monday-is-over” night everyone!

Hope you made it through the first day of the week okay 🙂

I woke up this morning without my alarm and seriously thought it was Sunday morning… hate when the ol’ brain plays dirty tricks like that 😛

Anywho, after a full day of work I headed home and was more than ready to crank of a workout… it has been a while if you remember since my lil’ exercise hiatus this past week!

YogaWorks Body Slim.

I love you.

After that I knew that I wanted to make something fresh yet easy for dinner.

Here comes the farmer’s market purchases into play!

First up, fresh kale.

After talking with the farmer who sold me this kale I decided to take his suggestion of cooking it with apples to sweeten up the natural “bitterness” of the vegetable.  I also added in some onion!

This is my first kale experience too fyi… I’ve tried swiss chard and spinach but not this guy yet!

Edit:  Okay apparently in my Monday night haze I forgot that I had recently made kale chips haha oops!  Which I disliked too btw.  Good thing I gave kale a second chance!

Into the hot pan went some EVOO and the onion, followed by the apple.  After about 10 minutes once they had tendered up a bit, in went the kale cooked until wilted.  Splash of white balsamic vin plus S&P for good measure 😉

Farmer knows his stuff, this combo of flavors was fabulous!!!  I know who’ll be buying kale again veryyyy soon 😉

Alongside this kale fiesta I made up some grilled cheeses, but not just any grilled cheese my friends!

Remember this Virginia garlic cheese I purchased at the Farmer’s Market?  Oh yea, that was happenin’

This stuff is amazingly deelish!  A lil’ sprinkling of dried oregano really made this sammie stand out 🙂

The Man had a side salad with his since he is not a fan of cooked greens…

With our new fave dressing combo, simple olive oil & white balsamic vinegar!

While we’re on the topic of fresh vegetables, check out this article that I was directed too today via twitter.

California Approves Cancer-Causing Chemical for Strawberries

Just sad.  I know another only organic or only local item that will be added to our list…

Want to know what else is sad?  How the majority of the American public is most likely unaware of things like this 😦

So quick sidenote, but lately it has really come to my attention at how misinformed/uninformed a good part of our country is when it comes to food.  As food bloggers we really have an advantage in being so involved in the food community and gaining knowledge that most others would not have direct access to. 

Which brings me to this question…

Where do you draw the line on “pushing” this food knowledge & even your eating ideals on friends/family based on the information learned out in the food world? 

Alright well before I go, guess what?!?!?!


Galaxy Granola anyone? 😉

Enjoy your night!


9 responses to “Kale + Apples + Onion Oh My!

  1. Garlic cheese?!?!? I need me some of that.

  2. ughhhhhhh….seriously? Why do they approve of stuff like that- just terrible. Great salad. I haven’t tried kale yet! and that grilled cheese- amazingness. Glad your workout hiatus came to a happy end!

  3. lowandbhold

    I try to tell my opinions when they are easy to work into a conversation, but I try not to sound snooty about it. Still, that strawberry thing sucks. I hate that health is such a low priority in America.

  4. I’m going to try the kale with apples, need a change from kale chips. And the garlic cheese is great, never heard of it!

  5. I actually got into this talk last night with my BF’s mom…I think it’s important to make others aware of what’s healthy, but not so much that you’re pushing it. If I can convince someone to make just one healthy change- like, say, cutting just one serving of meat a week, or to stop buying foods with HFCS, then I consider it a victory. Not everyone is passionate about health, but you don’t have to be in order to make small changes for the better!

  6. I actually LOVED kale when I put it in my green monsters! I hear it’s bitter but a ripe banana solved that. That’s a great idea to cook it with an apple, too!

    Ugh, I saw that, too, about the berries. 😦 I e-mailed it to my mom and sisters as soon as I saw it….we all pick up berries every week during the summer! I sent my e-mail in…I hope it’s reversed. 😦

  7. I try not to bring up my food knowledge up with my friends as much as I do my family. I feel worse about offending friends 🙂

    I will have to try the apple, onino, kale concoction!

  8. savoringsarah

    Yummy dinner as usual, lady! The only way I have ever had kale is in the form of chips…and I am pretty sold on that 🙂 But I LOVE adding soy/balsamic/brown sugar to swiss chard/turnip greens when I saute them. Salty, sweet and tangy!! Yes!!

    I definitely push the word when I read about things nutrition/food related. And, for the most part, friends & family are interested & enjoy hearing what I know because they trust my judgement. I’d say I am pretty fair all around and good at breaking down research/facts and weeding out the biased evidence. Okay, comment novel is over 🙂

  9. Wow, I am so excited to have found your blog. I completely agree with you on how uneducated most people are. Even myself, I am still learning horrifying things each day! Because the knowledge is pretty new to me I do bring it up pretty often, but usually preface with “You may not want to know this but…” and I always stop if they ask me to! My bf’s family thinks I’m from another planet because I eat wheat bread and brown rice, so there are definitely some people that I don’t even start with!

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