Mexican Egg Tortillas

Well we made it through the torrential storms this afternoon!

I ended up leaving work a little bit early and boy was I glad I missed driving home in this mess!

Plus Lucy Dog was literally trembling from being scared, she hates thunder & lightening and was literally laying on top of me the whole time… panting away.  Poor thing!  I was so glad I was at home with her 🙂

After the storm passed I whipped out one of the hardest workouts I have ever done:  Rock Hard Total Body w/ Marco Reed.

Holy heck, I felt like I was going to dieeeeeeeee by the end of this one gahhhh. 

I needed it though, my sweet tooth has gotten the best of me lately plus I’ve been slackin’ on the exercise and it’s time to get back on track 😉

After all this I was definitely in the mood for an easy dinner and was so happy that it was Mexican breakfast night in our house tonight!

On the menu:  Mexican Egg Tortillas  w/ Avocado, Cilantro & Tomato

  • 3 eggs, 1 egg white (whip w/ fork in bowl first)
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • shredded cheese (about 1/3 cup)
  • salsa (few spoonfuls)
  • 1 tsp EVOO
  • avocado, sliced
  • fresh cherry tomatos, halved
  • flour tortillas
  • fresh cilantro
  • S&P

Just saute up the onion in some EVOO w/S&P  until tender and browned a bit, adding water if they start to stick (best low fat cooking trick evah!)

Then add in the eggs and cook until almost done.  At this point, in goes the salsa and cheese until melted and voila, salsa egg filler is ready for wrappin’!

Place in flour tortilla (or corn if ya like) and top with avocado, tomatoes and cilantro.

Such delicious & fresh flavors, economical and good for you too… winner winner egg dinner! 😛

To go with our egg tortillas I made a quick corn side dish

Sauteed onion, corn, salsa & fresh cilantro to spice things up!

The salsa was southwestern style and included black beans & corn which was a lovely addition to the corn 🙂

Well I guess you realized that we didn’t make it too Billy Currington tonight, total bummer :(. 

Oh well, silly weather (we have flooding in our backyard and the concert is on a grassy field, yea ummm gross) plus work schedule of a certain someone just wasn’t happenin’ – maybe next time!

And don’t forget, only 2 more days to enter to WIN SOME FREE GALAXY GRANOLA!!

Off to see who goes home on American Idol tonight, I’m hooked again 😛

Have a great night everyone!


8 responses to “Mexican Egg Tortillas

  1. YUM! I am so doing brinner tomorrow night. Love the addition of avocado. mmm yummy good fats. Glad you got in a nice workout and were there to be a good mama to the pupster.

  2. lowandbhold

    Um, I’m already tired of the stormy weather 😦

    That workout sounds INTENSE!

  3. true story – I tried that workout once and peaced out after 5 minutes. Marco is more legit than Cindy!

    rain rain go away 😦

  4. In Michigan, we’ve had crazy weather and storms this week too. I think we’re getting rain today (probably what you had yesterday). At least the weekend looks nice – finally a nice weekend this Spring!

    What an easy, healthy and delicious meal. You cannot go wrong with eggs for dinner.

  5. I think you need to open your own Mexican restaurant, cause all your meals lately have looked delicious 🙂 My old dog used to hide in the laundry room during storms, shaking….pitifully adorable. Hope you have a great Thursday!

  6. eeek – look at all that red and orange! I LOVE love love spring, but don’t really care for this stormy business. At least unless I’m home, safe on my couch, and nice and warm!

    I love cilantro – obsessed with the stuff, actually! SO of course I love your whole meal. 🙂

  7. savoringsarah

    yum. yum yum yum yum. Not good to spend the morning hungover reading food blogs. I want to eat EVERYTHING!

    shhh, thats our lil secret 🙂

  8. Your tofu looks amazing….I think that’s what I’ll make for din din tnitey! Have a fabulous weekend darling!!!

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